Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple dinner for 4

Sweet sour pork, egg fu yong and lettuce
This is something simple that I made for dinner, sweet & sour pork, egg fu yong (omelette) and some vegetables.

Getting the ingredients ready
For the sweet and sour pork, I sliced the pork into smaller pieces, and then marinade it with soy sauce, 5 spice powder, sesame oil, salt and pepper, and egg white. Mix it in a bowl of flour right before you deep fry them. After it turn to golden brown, remove from the fryer and put it on paper towel to get the grease out. Prepare the cucumbers, carrots, pineapple, pepper, tomatoes for the sweet and sour sauce.

For the sauce, put some oil in a pan on medium heat, add garlic, fry until golden brow, add carrot, then pepper, followed by the other vegetables and fruits. Put 3-4 tablespoon of ketchup, and some hot chili sauce. Add some water, and then some tapioca starch when it's almost cooked. Mix in the pork.

For the egg fu yong, just slice some onions, fry it with shrimps, some people put mushrooms too with the beaten egg, add some salt and pepper.. as simple as that, but it's my favourite, and Noah's too, he loves eggs.

The vegetables is the simplest of all. Boil water in a pot, put the vegetables in, and take it out after couple minutes, do not over cook it. It doesn't take too long to cook. In the mean time, fry some shallots or green onion with some olive oil. Strain the veges, add the oil with shallots plus some oyster sauce or soy sauce. Easy breezy. You can use iceberg lettuce, or romaine, or the chinese veges, eg bok choy, kai lan.. almost anything

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