Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My new design

It was my friend's birthday yesterday, so I made this purse cake for her. She told me many times that she wanted to get a C bag but never did, so I gave her one. Actually I gave her 2, and edible purse and a real one too. She likes my carrot cake so I use the carrot cake and put a fondant over it. She told me it's so pretty that she did not want to cut it up.

I made the cream cheese layer cake for our Thanksgiving dinner's dessert. It turn out pretty good, everybody likes it. This is Hubby's 3rd favourite cake. I am still having second thoughts about going to take the 2nd cake decorating course. I want to do it, but do I have the time? Will hubby be able to handle both kids? 
I told hubby my new found hobby is definitely better than shopping isn't it?

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