Thursday, September 30, 2010

What will you leave children?

What will you leave children?
Children are our future, so what will you leave the children in your life?

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A New Samsung Phone.. how cool..

The Carphone Warehouse Eyeopeners
The breathtaking Samsung Wave will sweep you away into a sea of apps and features. With the world’s first super AMOLED touch screen and a super-fast 1GHz processor; Wave was made for pure media playback, brilliant web browsing and effortless multitasking. The first handset to have Samsung’s new Bada operating system and social hub, Wave is also the first mobile with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. The Carphone Warehouse Eyeopeners

The stunning Samsung Wave is a mobile technology marvel.

This breathtakingly beautiful handset is the first smartphone to have a super AMOLED high definition display - a curved, tempered glass screen enhanced by mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) technology for a free viewing angle even in direct sunlight.

Tap the crystal-clear screen to dive into a sea of possibilities; Wave is the first handset to run the exciting new Samsung Bada operating system and the fun, simple TouchWiz 3.0 interface. There's plenty of room for all your favourite applications on Wave's scrolling 10 page home screen and the 1GHz processor ensures that everything runs smoothly.

TouchWiz 3.0 and Bada bring a whole host of enhancements and innovations, including a handy notifications bar for quick access to connectivity settings, a quick panel for favourite features and an integrated phonebook that syncs with Facebook™ and Twitter™.

Go online via 3G or WiFi to experience high definition web browsing. You can fire off instant messages, update your status, stream video clips, or use one-finger zoom to see web pages in up to 10x detail! You can also visit the new Samsung Apps marketplace, where a wealth of free and paid apps are waiting to be discovered. New content is added daily, ready to be downloaded directly to Wave or to your PC using Samsung Kies software.

Stay in touch via IM, SMS, MMS or email. Wave's ultimate inbox merges every message into one communications stream; so you can easily see who sent what and when. The new Ticker widget lets you read and reply to messages with one click and there's a full screen virtual QWERTY for firing off emails or IMs. A multiple email client handles your Microsoft Exchange, Gmail™, Yahoo™ and MSN accounts.

New to Samsung phones, the Buddies Now widget provides real-time access to your favourite contacts, right from your home screen. The all-in-one calendar supports 2-way sync with Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Google and Facebook; it pulls across all your events and meetings to make one clear overview of your day.

Samsung Wave has a generous 2GB of Onboard Memory; more than enough to store your app collection. You can also enhance its memory with a microSD card up to 32GB, and turn this state-of-the-art smartphone into your own personal entertainment centre.

Enjoy your multimedia more with Wave's HD music and video player, which supports seamless video streaming and 720p HD video decoding! Virtual 5.1 surround sound transforms your mobile into an advanced entertainment centre and there's an integrated FM radio with broadcast recording to keep you in tune with the newest hits.

From a 5 Megapixel camera and HD video recorder to Assisted GPS navigation, Samsung Wave has every advanced mobile feature you could need to enjoy your day-to-day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Time..all the time

So hubby's gone for a week.. but I'm quite busy. Of course I am.. now that I have him 24/7, no breaks at all. I went to sleep at 930pm yesterday! I had to force myself to sleep whenever he sleeps because he soesn't sleep very much!

Anyway I have a big project, I claimed all the points from Pampers, grow with gift. With my 1000 points, I can get a free photobook. I've spents a couple days putting everything together and I can say it looks great. If you're interested to get a photobook, you can visit the price is quite reasonable, but I'm trying it out with my free points first... and they(pampers) are suppose to send me something to claim my free photobook, don't know how it works, but my point's gone and there was an error when I tried to claim it.

Baby Noah goes to school now, Mon-Fri 1030am. He loves his story times and sing-along. It's free to go to the school, just across the street here, they have a Parenting and Family Literacy place.. where you can bring your kids in, whenever you want. Noah goes to the library for Baby bouncing classes on Thursdays but I don't think it's as good. Anyway, gotta go.. my big boy is ready to go out for a walkn!mmmm

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad mommy?

I used to always wonder, am I gonna be a good mommy? I think I'm a bad one. Few days ago, Noah got this fever. I didn't know what to do. All I did was be with him 24/7 and see him suffer. I felt so helpless and can't do anything to make it better. Luckily he got better soon after. I don't know what I'll do if it get worse.. I mean I know to take him to the doctor, but then I really don't know what I'm really gonna be like.

This is my first baby-got-sick experience. Well gtg he is crawling to the door.. I think he wanna escape from this bad mommy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

There's always something bad happens after something good...

Life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you go up, sometimes you go down. I have countless sleepless night lately. Although last week was one of the best week of my life, this week started bad :(

Let's recap last week's happy moments before telling you why I'm so sad today. Last week, we went to a good restaurant, somebody bought me a nice big bag that I really like, I met my friend and she brought me ltos of chocolate..yummy, my in laws came and fix everything in the house.. and I've got myself a new cellphone, after over 5 years. As you know I'm not a "phony" person, so I didnt bother about phones, but this was a really good deal. $80 for a phone. I guess I haven't been in touch with gadgets, I don't really know how to use the phone.

Last night Noah kep waking up. He had runny nose. I moved into his room and slept with him but he was crying like crazy. He got 39.5 degrees Celcius. I wasn't sure what to do so I woke hubby up at 3 am. He cried most of the time, and of course my heart breaking into pieces when I see him cry.

This is the first time after 9 months, that he really gotten sick. I checked his temparature this morning it was better, 38.5, but I called the doctor and we went to check him up in the afternoon. I didn't quite like the doctor. She wasnt very friendly. She said he looks fine, he looked happy. Noah, as usual likes to put up a good show in front of others, and he is usually happy.. but when he is home, he was so whiney. I told the doctor that he wasn't eating well, and not sleeping well, but she assured me that he is fine, if it gets worse I'll have to bring him in again.

Noah spent the whole day by my side. He won't let me leave him alone, even for awhile. Perhaps he feels better and more secure sleeping on my shoulder (although I get numb) We have to raise his head higher because of the runny nose, he wasn't sleeping well, and eating well.. I hope that he will get better soon, I really do not know what to do. The doctor never tell me how to make him feel better.. I'm lost... just pray and hope he will be himself again tomorrow.. or sooner.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner @ Lake House Restaurant

We went to the Lake House Restaurant last Thursday for dinner, to celebrate my parents in law's 43rd wedding anniversary. I totally recommend this place. The food is so so so delicious!! The price is a bit high.. but if you order the fix prixe menu it's a bit cheaper, and you get the whole course. I ordered this escargot for appetizer.. the best I've ever had!

After being filled up with the escargot.. here comes my main course. It's double bone pork with baby bok choy, corn and baked potatoes.. yum yum.. I only managed to eat half of it.. was already too full after eating those escargot.

Meanwhile hubby ordered New York striploin. He said it was very good. They actually brought him the wrong potatoes, he ordered for mashed, but they changed it soon after. It was a really great meal

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm so so super duper happy.. I was so so happy yesterday that I went around kissing everybody.. not really everybody.. probably just Noah.. and the person who bought me this bag! and I can't thank the girl who works at the big C enough because she found this for me!

I was looking for a diaper bag because that's all I carry most of the time.. diapers and baby stuff.. and then I saw they do sell Baby Bags at the Coach.. but it was too expensive. So my mother in law and I went the other day and saw some diaper bags on sale for 50%!!!!

She actually paid for my bag.. I chose a slightly more expensive one.. only $11 more than the canvas baby bag but I think it's a lot nicer and easier to clean with this, I wouldn't have paid over $450 for a diaper bag otherwise.. and it's still a very expensive baby diaper bag even for me!!

I love it .. I LOVE it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Coffee, tea, or FB ?

FB ( Facebook) is additive, as in coffee to most people. I won't deny I spent more time than I should on FB, even hubby was complaining about it. I used my only remaining available free time (when Noah's sleeping or busy playing by himself) online, using FB. I have 474 friends in my list, mostly friends from school, excolleagues, and friends of friends, oohh not forgetting the family, even far distance relatives, whice usually are more annoying because they like to stalk my FB.

I got so annoyed by too many messages, even unwanted one, and too many scams, too many people trying to sell their products... Sometimes I get 5-10 messages in a day. There's this privacy setting, I've just learned how to use it recently, I know I should use it earlier, so I wont get all these unwanted messages. Anyway, I put almost everybody in my limited profile list, if they are my close friends, and if they are sincere to keep in touch with me I will remove them from my limited list. I just do not like the idea of people stalking my profile almost everyday. (I even tried deactivating my FB!)

I am not a chatty person and I do not like replying mails, as I've mentioned before. I used to be chatty but I got fed up when the people you chat with is not sincere to chat with you. Most of them have motives, or some just answer with a word or two when you're trying to chat with them, which I felt insulting, although they might be busy, but if you are busy you can just say I'm busy, right? Anyway, I'm not going to initiate the chatting first unless the person is looking for me.. and usually if somebody does, he/she has a reason to find me.

I'm so addicted to the games in FB.. and usually I won't reply when I'm in the middle of it. So if you're looking for me and I'm slow means I'm playing my games ok? And if I do not reply at all means I'm just not at the table, I usually leave my FB/MSN/Skype online 24/7 since it's free.. hehehe.. So much for unlimited internet uses.. Used to be very expensive and my dad always scold me for using the internet, but now I can use it as much as I want.. pay back time!


OMG!! I wish this is available in Canada.. or I'm in Australia... OMG OMG... this is like my dream job.. Who doesnt like shopping? Especially when you are paid to do it??

Hey my dear friends who are reading this and is in Aussie.. please try it.. providing if u have plenty of time to shop.. and have a shopaholic baby like myself.. hehe..

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Noah &Thomas

Noah's cousin, Thomas came for a visit on Sunday. He's actually 22 months older than Noah but look, there's not too much difference between them. In fact they are only a school year difference.

Thomas was so happy to see Noah, he wants to hold, hug and kiss little Noah. They got along pretty well.

You might be wondering why Noah keep looking on the other side..he was actually watching tv!

Fun day at the backyard

Can you believe how fast Noah's has grown? He was just a tiny little baby and now, he is wearing 12 month's old's clothes.
Noah enjoys going outdoor.. anything is nice outside.. I wonder how he can cope in the winter.. It's going to be so COLD

Noah loves the swing. He loves to be pushed higher. I can't wait to take him for roller coaster rides next year!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anybody else coming this way?

I went to the bank today to check what's going on with my account. I paid online yesterday and it didn't show that I paid. So they told me it takes 48 hours to show! And worse of all, they may charge me over and over again for each transactions I made over limit... I think I had 5 more transactions after the limit.. that will be $125!! Ghheee.. are they not the licence loan shark?

Feel like being ripped off.. and I actually feel like ripping off my card. But I think it will be ok after this, because last month my parents were here and other guest, they have been using my card to pay for purchases.. I think I will not spend so much by myself.. still , well no point crying over spilt milk. What is done is done, just have to becareful next time. For those who has a credit card, becareful with your spending... I made a mistake for not reading the very fine prints.. and I have to pay for it.

Anyway I have good things to look forward to. My in laws will be coming soon. They are very nice people, and they will help me babysit, which means we will get our own romantic babyless time again , yay...

Just as I thought there visitors are all gone, my friend just told me yesterday that she is flying in to Toronto.. yay.. again. And she is bringing me my favourite dates+ amond coated chocolate.. yummy.. the last time she was here I was still pregnant, I guess this will be her 3rd time, only once a year, and maybe the last time, cos she is resigning.. :( no more chocolate .. but yay again, she is helping me to bring some stuff back for my mom. Eventhough sometimes I can be really mad at my mom but it will pass quickly.. I wont stay mad at her for a long time, she is my mom after all. I just like to fret and then it will be ok... and I only have one mother to get me mad anyway, how bad can that be right?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Overspending Fees :(

I was very happy happy today (because I got a nice bag) until the credit card bill came. I got charged $25 for over spending my limit! If there is a limit I thought they will stop it .. but I guess not, instead they charged me $25!

Now my mood is all spoiled. I m not going to spend so much, or let other people use my credit card to pay for their purchases.. because in the end I am the one who has to pay the bill.. sigh

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going back?? Maybe not?

I'm in dilemma, whether to go back or not. Yesterday I decided not to go back. The flight is super expensive. $2k for me and my baby. $4k for 3 of us! And then my good friend told me she is having a wedding in August.. and now I'm thinking twice, again. So much for my sleepless nights.

I am worry how Noah can cope with the long flight.. Or will I get crazy if I stay with my parents for too long.. Or will my bro break his promises again, to take time off and take us around.. I felt being cheated because he promised but he never do it. He had his excuses but still.. I will not trust him anymore because he can use the same excuse again.

How if I get pregnant again and couldnt fly? There's just too much to think of, it's still another year.. many things can happen.. and lots of people start ordering for the bags already!

My babies~

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I have another baby, a girl. She wasn't as cute like Noah, but I was still proud of her and I was truly happy. I didn't like it when people was comparing Noah and her. She was my daughter anyway, and I love her.

I wonder if we will be having a girl next, or another boy. This time last year, I was still pregnant, Noah was moving all around my lil tummy. Now, Noah's moving around the room.

We were looking at old pictures, there was so much difference. He is so much bigger and mobile now. He used to be the tiniest little baby and now, he is so chubby. He used to not move as much, and now he moves like crazy whenever we want to change his diapers. It has become harder and harder to change him. He's such a big boy now.

Noah's trying to pull up and try to stand. He likes to walk around too.. I think he wants to do like what a big boy does. He is eating better, not as good as I want him to be, but good enough. I made him rice porridge with potatoes, carrots, chicken breast.. and then I tried adding egg yolk yesterday and he really likes it. At least he is eating. Soon he won't need me to nurse him anymore.. and I'll be free!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To my Mr Diary,

I had to set the blog into privacy mode. This is meant to be my diary. I can write what I want to write and tell the truth, but lately I have been stalked, too many times, by different people. So I decided to close it. I thought it was meant for me to release my untold story, but people decided to interfere and gave me bad remarks.

I never really care about what other people thinks about me. Don't think you can belittle me so easily. I'm happy with what I have now. Some people just like to try to make other's life miserable and I won't fall for it. Those people, I won't even think twice about them. Let them be. I was gonna tell them to mind your own business and F O from my life, but I will not waste my energy and time on such people.

I have my right to write. You can choose not to read but not insult and try to tell me about my silliness and my nonsense. So what if I'm silly and I like to write nonsense? Strange people... ghhee.. get a life, you are so annoying, but I won't let you get to me, as you are not worth it.

So now here I am, writing to myself, but nobody else, what a peaceful moment. I never worry about my readers, but stalkers are BAD.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coca Cola

Watch the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine spread even more happiness in the next instalment of the global internet sensation.

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The new film - the much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation which caught the world's imagination earlier this year - sees the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine arrive in the UK, bringing a touch of Coca-Cola magic to some unsuspecting British students.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nokia Nuron

Hubby was away yesterday. So I went to see a friend, they have a baby 5 months older than Noah. I got freaked out, just a little bit because I thought I don't have their number.

I had it saved in my phone but then hubby took mine because his was in the washer! I don't think it will ever work anymore, but we'll see.

The other baby was only 5 months older.. he was way bigger than Noah but now, he's just a little bigger. It was so cute, and funny they were trying to copy each other. Maybe in a couple months they will be almost the same sizes and they can play together.

I have to not change his diapers in the middle of the night anymore because he always pee when I am changing him! Perhaps it's the cold air.. or it's just bad timing. I had to change him 3 times yesterday!!

Here's a funny video from Nokia. They copied the twilight movie... hehe. I watched the first 2 movies, but I think they are more for teenagers. I do read books about vampires so the movie is just ok for me.. I like the books better.. anyway, enjoy

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ohh noooo.....

I did something very silly today. I went out with a friend for dinner, for Korean food. It was suppose to be one of the good Korean food. Before we get to it.. I've locked my car key in the car!

Hubby wasn't around, luckily my friend's hubby was kind enough to break into my house to get the car key and drove 20 mins to the restaurant!

We went shopping after dinner and then Noah was crying like crazy, probably was very hungry, but we were almost home. He was all happy again after eating, and now he is creeping all over the floor...

Sometimes, you have to becareful because many things can happen in a minute. You might lock your keyin the car.. or your son might be playing with the ... elctrical parts! OMG I gotta go.. he is already at the other end, he is so fast now!