Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To my Mr Diary,

I had to set the blog into privacy mode. This is meant to be my diary. I can write what I want to write and tell the truth, but lately I have been stalked, too many times, by different people. So I decided to close it. I thought it was meant for me to release my untold story, but people decided to interfere and gave me bad remarks.

I never really care about what other people thinks about me. Don't think you can belittle me so easily. I'm happy with what I have now. Some people just like to try to make other's life miserable and I won't fall for it. Those people, I won't even think twice about them. Let them be. I was gonna tell them to mind your own business and F O from my life, but I will not waste my energy and time on such people.

I have my right to write. You can choose not to read but not insult and try to tell me about my silliness and my nonsense. So what if I'm silly and I like to write nonsense? Strange people... ghhee.. get a life, you are so annoying, but I won't let you get to me, as you are not worth it.

So now here I am, writing to myself, but nobody else, what a peaceful moment. I never worry about my readers, but stalkers are BAD.

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