Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Horse or a Cow?

I came across this video... isn't it interesting how you can get a cross between a horse and a cow. I've never heard or seen anything like this but I think it will be interesting to have new hybrid... just like my baby.

This animal, vacheval was used as a transportation to reduce Co2.. but I really wonder if it can run as fast as the horse, or make milk like the cow. Whatever they are, and wherever they are if they are good stuff, then they are a keeper.. we should produce more stuff like that..

Enjoy the video, really interesting.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is here~

Summer is Back!!

It has been so hot lately. It has been a year since we have this nice weather. My garden is overgrowing, as usual.. and I've been giving all my lettuce away!! Free lettuce, anyone?
Anyway, I'll be very busy this weekend.. and the whole week after. It's Canada Day's week, gonna have lots of visitors over.
My friends made another blog about food and recipes, so from now on, you can get my yummy recipes at Gastronormia. I can't wait to try the recipes.. it looks really good..
And Eliz, if you are reading this, I still want your karipap recipe.. or your mom's.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Banana and Berries Smoothies

This is really simple to make and it taste so good. Since it's now the berries season, we can get cheap berries. You can use mangoes or other fruits if you can't get berries. Simply clean and cut them and put into the blender. Add yogurt, honey and milk, as in pictures.

I put some bananas and some ice in it too so it will be cooler. Just shake them in the blender and they will come out nice and smooth like this...

Voila... and here is the smoothies, simple and delicious, doesn't cost much and healthy too.

-this is for you vish and vyn-

Monday, June 21, 2010

My unconditional love

Noah got his 6 month's needles today. He was a good boy. He didn't cry much, and was happy again soon after. His hernia is all gone now. Doctor said we did very well. He was such a skinny and tiny baby when he was born, with jaundice and hernia. I'm glad it's over now.

I had a breakdown on the weekend. I needed a break. Today I went in to my jacuzzi tub, spent some relaxing time by myself. I felt a whole lot better after. Sometimes I just need time to be alone, and be by myself. It feels so good. Perhaps I used to be left alone most of the time when I was young, it just comfort me to have peace and relaxation, something I hardly get any anymore.

A friend told me that her mom asked her to give her $$$ monthly. It's like monthly installment. It's very common in asian countries where the children have to give money to the parents when they started working. It's just like investments to their parents. I don't like it at all. I used to give my mom $ but I don't give her anymore. They have enough $ to spend , they do not need mine...and I'm not working anymore.

I strongly feel that every parents should give unconditional love and support to the children. Do not have any children if you can't provide them with simple basic needs like this. I really hate it when they use the children as investment. Children are human too, they grow up and they should have their own freedom. If you love somebody you should never ever expect anything in return from them. This is just so wrong.

I will never use my children as investments. They will get my unconditional love, and support. I will never expect anything from them. I just want to see them grow up, healthy and be happy. That's all I wish for them, and I wish every parents will do the same.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It's pretty funny when I see people always post, my beloved (somebody). I will never use the word 'beloved' not that I don't love my hubby or anything, but then that word just creep me out. You always see that word in tombstone, " My beloved husband/father/daughter" etc. That words just reminds me of a graveyard with lots of the same word.

The other reason is the word doesn't seem right to me. Beloved = be loved ? I just don't like anything in the past tense. I prefer anything but past tense. We should look forward not backwards.

Anyway it's Father's Day today. Happy Daddy's Day to all the fathers in the world. We are not really doing much. It's a little too commercialize (not that fathers are not as appreciated as mothers). I've been too tired lately to do anything at all.
Just want to have a relaxing weekend with the family. Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's day special shopping spree for mommy

I've been going back to the Coach Outlet here 3 times this week! I bought 6 bags and a pair of sunglasses. The first time I bought a pair of sunglasses and a bag. I went back again and I was so indecisive that I decided to buy 2 different colours of the same design, but I ended of with 4 instead!

My friends are supposed to help me decide which colour suit me better but they asked me to get the only one last one that I didn't buy. Is the one that you do not have is the one that people like better? So I went back to get the forth one.

And then of course I saw 2 other bags with good deal.. and I bought all of them. That's how I ended up with 6 bags, a pair of sun-glasses, 4 polo t-shirt, a beach towel and a hat from Tommy Hillfiger. It was father's day special!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I finally found my glasses!

Hubby wasn't home last night. It was tough doing all the work by myself. He kept waking up almost every hour last night but I'm getting use to it, although I am still quite tired. This morning he woke up at 530 am. Usually hubby takes over the morning shift but I was alone without help.

I decided to pamper myself and give myself a good reward. Firstly I went to the Coach store here, and bought these sunglasses. I had a hard time looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses. I have a flat nose and usually doesn't hold up right. I finally found something that is comfortable, and it was on special!
I was so greedy and I thought I should get more rewards so I went to the KFC and get my favourite fried chicken. It has been a real rewarding day (except for some whiney parts). I think I've been working so hard lately and I deserve a break, and reward, from myself ;) to myself.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We've got bird nests in our nest

I don't know why the birds keep coming back and make nests around my house. Last year, we forgot to take the Christmas wreath at the front door and the robin made a nest and lay 3 eggs. It wasn't successful as we often use the front door and scare it away. This year, they decided to do it at the deck behind my house.

At first it was the the mourning dove settling in at my grapevine on the deck. A week later the Mr. & Mrs Robin decided to move in beside Mr & Mrs Dove. Do you know that the doves take turns to sit on the eggs? It's always there but they take turns. Robin flies away sometimes and leave the eggs unattended, but they are watching from nearby.

I'm pretty worry after 2 weeks when the eggs hatches, usually the robin will attack human to protect the babies. Will have to stay away from the nest, which is difficult, because it's right behind my house. I hope they don't mind sharing the deck, well they never pay rent, so they should be thankful.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My yummy cupcakes, (without icing)

There was once, a colleague was telling me how tasty her cupcake was. I had a bite and I was so disappointed. The cupcakes that they make here it's very different from mine. Their cake is completely tasteless, and usually it's coated with lots of icing on top, colourful ones too ( I personally do not like sweet sutff and artificial colouring, not very healthy). I never have another bite of cupcakes from other people here ever since, because their cupcake is not my cupcake.

After modifying and baking many times, here's what I came out with, a new recipe. It's so simple and easy to make, and I guaranty it's the best ever. I usually put it in the microwave for 7 seconds to warm it up before I eat them, it will be soft and warm.. yummy. There's another thing the people here loves to do, freeze the cookies and cakes.. I'll never do that. Freshness is everything to me. Frozen stuff? Nothing is frozen, except ice-cream.

Here's the recipe if you decided to try it out;

1 piece of butter (I believe it's 454g)
1 cup of sugar
5-6 eggs
cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
some raisins if you like them
About 1 1/3 cup of flour

1. Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add eggs one at a time.
3. Add flour a little each time. Do not stir it too much once you put the flour because it will make your cake hard. I do not really have accurate amount for flour, just make sure it's not too runny or too thick. Add baking powder.
4. Separate the mixture into 2 bowls, add cocoa powder, as much as you like, just use your common sense. And add vanilla to the other bowl.
5. Scoop it out from the bowls and add raisin into the cups if you like raisins. Put the cocoa at the bottom n the plain one on top so you know that it's turning brown, not brown because of the cocoa.
6. Bake in the oven 350 for 25 mins... and enjoy! more work...

I almost have a meltdown just now (when I dropped the garbage and spilled everywhere on the kitchen floor). There just so many things to do all the time! Noah was getting whiney and was cryinjg so I pretended to cry with him, and then he tried to cheer me up, what a sweetheart.

There's always so many things to do around the house, especially when you are already very tired. I usually get more rested on the weekends as hubby takes over the duty and watch the baby, so I can sleep in a little bit longer, but yesterday, my neighbour next door decided to start the renovation around 8 am! I moved to the back room to sleep, and the other neighbour start banging and building their patios! How nice it was to start my weekend. Lots of noises from everywhere.

It didn't end there. Hubby was feeling sick.. and he wasn't doing much anymore. He doesn't want to get the baby sick too. So I have the baby, with tons of laundry to do, lunch and dinner to cook, house to clean, weeds to pull..the garden was waiting for me to just never ends!

And people still thinks I'm very free at home, just the baby and I with nothing else to do. I don't understand how they have the impression of me staring at my baby with boredom? My parents told me to wait for them to come and they can help, but probably I'll have 2 more babies to take care of. It'll probably add to my workload. My parents are not very independent, compared to the people here.. they are 'old'. They are not that old but they always feel old and uncapable of doing anything at all.

My father in law who is older than my parents is still so healthy and so young. He comes and fix everything in the house and do all the heavy work, yet he never complains a single word. There's so much difference between them. I believe if you think young, you'll be least you'll feel younger.

Enough whining today. I should think more positive so life will be easier...back to work!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do NOT Disturb

I took my baby out for a walk yesterday. We stopped by at the place I used to work. Everything is different now. Everybody is different. While I was happy to go back and see how thing was going around there, I was upset at the same time to see how lives moved on so quickly.

It must be a good place to work at if you are planning to get pregnant. Seems like a lot of people are getting pregnant there, and of course I was the first one. Everybody was :) happy to see my cute little boy, growing bigger and bigger each day.

And then come this girl who tried to scare my baby by knocking on his tray on the stroller! She was trying to be funny but, DON'T YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO SCARE BABIES?! Luckily he didn't cry out loud. I told her not to do that because she will scare him and make him cry.. and she asked me.. oohh he will cry? Of course he will!

I might have been over protective of my baby but I find it offensive when people try to give my baby a hard time..or make him cry. He has been a little sensitive lately, not sure if it was due to his teething soon, or maybe he is at the shy stage. Whatever it is, never ever scare a little baby, especially mine. Mommy tigress can be fierce!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Is your parents home?

Something really funny happened to me lately. It happened yesterday, and today. I went to the convenience store earlier to get a lottery ticket. What made me wanted to get a lottery ticket was because I got shit on the head, by a bird (I think).

I was out in my deck, picking vege for my salad when I felt something wet on my head, and then my knees.. looked like .. u know what it is, what else drop from the sky? There's a saying in chinese that if you get hit by a bird's dropping, you are very lucky. I told hubby what happened and he told me I should get the Lotto Max, it's 70 mil tonight.

So I went to try my chances, to get my winning ticket, who knows maybe I will win something. The last time somebody told me I was very lucky because I'm 1 in 10000 that has problem with frozen stuff at the dentist (my tongue's taste bud was numb for almost half year), I went to try the lottery and I won $10.

There I was at the convenience store, the man asked for my ID. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with his eyes, or his judgement.. Do I look younger than 18? It's so funny that he was surprised by my age.

Yesterday some people from the sickkids association came and asked if I'm over 18, and if my parents were home! Of course I'm telling the truth that my parents are not home.. haha. It wasn't the first time. Many times salesmen rang the doorbell and asked for my parents, and of course.. they are always not home. They are way over the other side of the world. I told my hubby and he said I can no longer tell them my parents are not home next months, for 6 weeks, because my parents are coming to visit.

Well, I'll let you know if I win my 70 mil tonight.. wish me luck.. no more bird droppings!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ohh.. how cute

Will have to get one of this when Noah can speak..hehe. I never really use cellphone anymore as there's hardly anybody calling me. With the latest technology, you get GPS, camera, mp3..and everything else in the tiny little gadget. How amazing? Who would have thought that this could have happen?

I definitely have to get one of this. I need a GPS so badly ..and I'm always lost in directions! I can go round and round the whole afternoon trying to figure out how to reach home!


I had this packet of old huggies diaper from my sis in law. I m not sure where she got it, but she gave us a bunch of other stuffs.. with this huggies diapers. Last night I tried on them because I was running out of Pampers.

It was a bad choice. A really BAD one. I changed his diaper at 130am, he kept waking up, 2,3,4.. I then realized he was all soaking wet! Stupid diaper. Can't even contain the pee. I had to change the sheets and his clothes, and of course he was wide awake by then. I blame it all on huggies.

I will never ever buy huggies or use them again. They sucks. I was already so tired and sleep deprived...and I guess I m to blame too because I used huggies. Never ever again!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I had a bad day?

Today wasn't a good day. It wasn't too bad a day, it was just a not so great day. We went out to get groceries this morning after 930am, and he had a little nap in the car... and didn't sleep until after 430pm! I spent the whole day trying to get him to sleep.

I tried all methods to make him sleep. Singing, reading, rocking... letting him cry (which I hate the most) and taking him out in his stroller, and none of them worked. He fell asleep briefly when he was in the stroller, only to be awaken by curious neighbours (again!)

I don't know why people likes to wake my baby out when I m trying to get him to sleep. I keep trying to hint and tell people he needs to sleep.. and they always wanted to see the baby. I wish I can be rude and turn away.. or tell them to back off 3 feet from my stroller. These people really don't understand!

To add to it, the next door Philipino nanny tried to teach me how to get my baby to sleep, she said do not rock, just let him cry. She thought I never try it before.. well I did, and it didn't work. Well, she doesn't know much either because she hasn't got any babies yet. I'm in doubt about letting her babysit my precious baby boy now. People just like to give advises as usual. You will not understand unless you've been in the same shoes.

Well, it has been a not so good day for me today. At least I cheered myself up with nice mango smoothies and durian cake that my parents sent me. Something to look forward to...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sleeping through the night

Everytime when I meet somebody, they always ask " does he sleep thru the night yet?" It's really a number 1 question everybody would ask. I thought I'll never get any sleep longer than 3 hours anymore but I was wrong. The day has come that he slept over 8 hours! At first I was wondering if there was something wrong with him. He never lets me sleep longer than 3 hours. He's such a torturer. I got paranoid when it did happen. I woke up anyway at 5am, and went to his room and slept there until 7am, and he was still sleeping. I wondered if I missed his crying, or was I too tired to wake up?

He must be growing up. He slept for 5 hours last night, and he can last longer now without my milk. Im not really use to it yet, I keep going back and check on him if he is alright. I'm just too used to having him waking me up every 3 hours. It's just that it took so much trouble and effort to have him, I have to make sure he is safe and healthy. It's normal to be paranoid right?

I've heard too many stories about other people's baby died and sick. It worries me a lot. I'm sure all mothers are worry about their kids, except my new neighbour. They have 4 boys and the parents never really watch them. They are all over the place. They climb the fence into my backyard, in our garage, go into other people's backyard and ruin things. What's worse is when the other neighbour confront the parents, they do nothing. It's really annoying. They are everywhere, and we are all worried to run our car into them someday.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I loveeeeeeee blueberries

We went to the nursery today and bought 2 more blueberry plants. We have 6 bushes altogether now. We have 3 bigger ones when we moved here, but unfortunately, the bunnies ate the shoots and we never get very many berries out of it this year :(

Blueberries are so good. They are great with anything. I love blueberry pie, blueberry jam, blueberry muffin, eat it fresh with cereal or ice-cream, or just eat it by itself. I can eat them like a snack. You have no idea how much I love them. It's good that we can grow it here.

Blueberies are very nutritious. They do not take very much spaces and do not need much care. The leaves turn red/orange in the fall and it's so pretty too. I keep bugging hubby to go and get me more blueberry plants, he thinks I'm crazy, we do not need so many plants because they will grow bigger. I'm just too impatient to wait.

Now we have our own blueberry path, and a house full of raspberries.. yummy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

LOST and Found!

I thought I lost my watch in the hospital. I have been so busy and haven't been keeping track of the time, and I didn't need to wear a watch... because I spend all my time for him, I had no time to look for my watch.

I finally looked for my watch, everywhere in the house. I was pretty sure I didn't wear it to the hospital because I wasn't wearing any jewelleries or accessories at all, of course you will not wear anything at 3 am.

Anyway I was so disappointed and I gave up. It was a very nice watch my mom bought for me when I went back to M'sia last year. I really liked it. The old me would have asked my mom to get me another one, but the new me will not do that anymore.

I asked my mom to replace my broken necklace and she didn't do that. I was disappointed. I really hate people who break promises. If you tell me you are going to do it, I m expecting you to do it. Do not tell me one thing and not do it, better not tell me at all. It's almost like a lie. I hate people who lies.

Anyway I shouldn't expect anything from anybody. So the new me will not ask or expect anything from anybody, even if it's offered, because people like to say something (nice) but not do it (especially my mom) and then I'll get disappointed again.

I was all sulking and then hubby told me to look in the backpack, and guess what I found? I found a muffin (almost 6 months old), a chocolate bar, the lost mitten, and my watch! It was in my backpack all along and I haven't had the time to look at my backpack ever since I got discharged from the hospital.. Imagine that!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stop and smell the roses

My Favourite Roses
It's the time of the year when roses bloom everywhere and fills the air with nice rosy fragrance. Everything tasted like roses!

I planted this 2 years ago , from neighbour's plant. It's blooming now.
Nice big roses, good for cutting.

Roses are red... (not just red)

My rose bush. Do you know that you can eat these roses? Ancient people used to eat the fruit that it make after blooming, and that's how they survived winter.

And for your information, apple and pear are in the same family as roses too.

I love my garden~!