Friday, June 11, 2010

Is your parents home?

Something really funny happened to me lately. It happened yesterday, and today. I went to the convenience store earlier to get a lottery ticket. What made me wanted to get a lottery ticket was because I got shit on the head, by a bird (I think).

I was out in my deck, picking vege for my salad when I felt something wet on my head, and then my knees.. looked like .. u know what it is, what else drop from the sky? There's a saying in chinese that if you get hit by a bird's dropping, you are very lucky. I told hubby what happened and he told me I should get the Lotto Max, it's 70 mil tonight.

So I went to try my chances, to get my winning ticket, who knows maybe I will win something. The last time somebody told me I was very lucky because I'm 1 in 10000 that has problem with frozen stuff at the dentist (my tongue's taste bud was numb for almost half year), I went to try the lottery and I won $10.

There I was at the convenience store, the man asked for my ID. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with his eyes, or his judgement.. Do I look younger than 18? It's so funny that he was surprised by my age.

Yesterday some people from the sickkids association came and asked if I'm over 18, and if my parents were home! Of course I'm telling the truth that my parents are not home.. haha. It wasn't the first time. Many times salesmen rang the doorbell and asked for my parents, and of course.. they are always not home. They are way over the other side of the world. I told my hubby and he said I can no longer tell them my parents are not home next months, for 6 weeks, because my parents are coming to visit.

Well, I'll let you know if I win my 70 mil tonight.. wish me luck.. no more bird droppings!

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