Monday, June 21, 2010

My unconditional love

Noah got his 6 month's needles today. He was a good boy. He didn't cry much, and was happy again soon after. His hernia is all gone now. Doctor said we did very well. He was such a skinny and tiny baby when he was born, with jaundice and hernia. I'm glad it's over now.

I had a breakdown on the weekend. I needed a break. Today I went in to my jacuzzi tub, spent some relaxing time by myself. I felt a whole lot better after. Sometimes I just need time to be alone, and be by myself. It feels so good. Perhaps I used to be left alone most of the time when I was young, it just comfort me to have peace and relaxation, something I hardly get any anymore.

A friend told me that her mom asked her to give her $$$ monthly. It's like monthly installment. It's very common in asian countries where the children have to give money to the parents when they started working. It's just like investments to their parents. I don't like it at all. I used to give my mom $ but I don't give her anymore. They have enough $ to spend , they do not need mine...and I'm not working anymore.

I strongly feel that every parents should give unconditional love and support to the children. Do not have any children if you can't provide them with simple basic needs like this. I really hate it when they use the children as investment. Children are human too, they grow up and they should have their own freedom. If you love somebody you should never ever expect anything in return from them. This is just so wrong.

I will never use my children as investments. They will get my unconditional love, and support. I will never expect anything from them. I just want to see them grow up, healthy and be happy. That's all I wish for them, and I wish every parents will do the same.

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