Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's day special shopping spree for mommy

I've been going back to the Coach Outlet here 3 times this week! I bought 6 bags and a pair of sunglasses. The first time I bought a pair of sunglasses and a bag. I went back again and I was so indecisive that I decided to buy 2 different colours of the same design, but I ended of with 4 instead!

My friends are supposed to help me decide which colour suit me better but they asked me to get the only one last one that I didn't buy. Is the one that you do not have is the one that people like better? So I went back to get the forth one.

And then of course I saw 2 other bags with good deal.. and I bought all of them. That's how I ended up with 6 bags, a pair of sun-glasses, 4 polo t-shirt, a beach towel and a hat from Tommy Hillfiger. It was father's day special!

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