Thursday, July 30, 2009


Waiting is a very painful process. I hate waiting, and I am sure everybody else does too.
I went to the doctor's the other day, I had to wait and call to make appointment, and then wait again when I'm there.. and the doctor only saw me for less than 5 minutes, gave me a prescription, and then there I was waiting for my medicine, for another 30 minutes when there was nobody in line!

I had this rashes on my one foot, the same one that my mum had and I thought I had ear infection too. Well, it turned out that my ear is perfectly fine, although sometimes I can hear buzzing sound, or sometimes it is like when the water gets into your ear when you're in the pool. It comes and goes, and has been lingering around for almost a month. So I finally decided to check it out, along with my very itchy foot. The only reasonable explaination that I got that buzzing in my ear is because of the pregnancy, it seems to screw things up a lil'. The doctor said, I just had to bear with it for another 6 more months, sigh.

Anyway, my foot is getting better now, I hope, although it's still itchy from time to time, and most of the time I'm trying not to touch it. I am now walking to work most of the days, Monday- Friday, and I find it refreshing to walk through the park, getting the nice breeze in the morning. I hate waiting to get a ride from somebody, I just hate waiting, it's like you never know when it's gonna happen, I guess I m the type who likes to take things in my own hands.

Recently, someone I know is waiting, everyday. I wish her all the best of luck. I hope miracles will happen and her patience will bring her great reward. I understand how painful it is because I'm kinda waiting in a way.. for another 26 weeks to come!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it the people? Or it's just me?

I've been avoiding people lately. I get annoyed so easily that I figured the best way is not to get in touch with anybody, that way I do not get so upset about things. People somehow get their way into making me mad. Some people always give me negative feedbacks.. and complains. I'm trying to stay healthy and positive but this people keep bugging me with problems and stuff.. I just find it annoying.

So I've made my final decision not to talk unless neccessary at work, and anywhere else outside my house. People seems to like to create problem although everything was perfectly fine. I always wonder if those people are too free, or they just want to make their life more interesting by doing that, because they are too bored?

Whenever I'm not so happy (which is most of the time after work) I'll go to my garden and look at my crops. They make me really happy, I'm always rewarded with something whenever I visit my little farm behind the house. They always gives me surprises. Sometimes I feel like animals and plants is so much nicer than human beings. I don't mind spending more time with them.

I spent the rest of my time playing games and looking at my little nursery. It's almost ready now. I was going to take some pictures and post it but my camera ran out of battery. Kids nowadays are well pampered. The little unborn has so many toys and clothes already.. Sometimes it feels so nice looking at the little socks... only an inch big.. I wonder if I will break some bones ..the baby lil' clothes seem so tiny.. and fragile...

Friday, July 17, 2009

A New Life has begun ...

Yesterday, I spent my whole day in St. Catherine. It's just over 20 minutes drive from here, but we had appointments at different times, well at least everything got done, for now.

I was told to drink 5-6 glasses of water, and somebody else told me to drink a litre of water, an hour from the appointment. Anyway it didnt really work that well, because we were there early and got in early.

We went to see the baby for the first time.. the little alien moving around in my body, it's like a miracle. It's a very rebellious baby, and of course a photo shy baby because we took an hour to finally get pictures taken. It's really cool how you can see the little alien inside the little uterus. At one point, it was staring back at me and waving the little hand.. it was really cute.

People like to give advises all the time. Sometimes I get really annoyed, especially it when it has been repeated for a hundred time. I was given a list of things to not eat or do.. mostly because of supertitions. I do get annoyed by people a lot of time, so please do not bug me. I hate buggers. I hate people with high pitch voice. I hate bad people... just please leave me alone.

I feel like I'm a tiger.. a momma tiger, protecting myself and the unborn. I will bite if you cross over my line.. Some people had indeed crossed over my line lately.. I have forgiven them after deep thinking because whatever comes around goes around, they will get it back one day... I do not need to do anything about it, need not to stress myself out and the baby.

I think the baby is going to be a smart baby.. look how big the brain is! So far it has been good.. I used to get up at 4 every morning and feel hungry until one day, Mark told the baby, baby let mummy sleep a little longer, dont get hungry at 4.. and now I get up at 6 to drink my milk! What a nice little baby.. hehe.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Recently, I've been really busy, not really sure what I was so busy about, just lots of thing happening at the same time. From now on, I will have more time at home.. and even more time probably in a couple of weeks.

I've been having this itchy foot that has been bothering me for a month now. It started with rashes. I think it must have passed down from my mum because she has the same problem. She thinks it's the seafood, shrimp and mushrooms that makes her foot that way, but I don't think so.

Other than my bad foot, I was a little.. well maybe more than a little upset about 'things' . I had no idea how inhuman some people can be. I thought I'm well protected and safe in this country, but my guess is wrong. Once again, I've learned something from this proccess in life and vow not to repeat the same mistakes again, to not help people, be nice and sincere, because you are the one who will be hurt in the end.

For my fellow friends. If you wish not to be experiencing this kinda situation I'll be glad to advise and elaborate more. For now, it's time for my break, look out the windows and enjoy the summer.