Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Noah's all over the place!

My mom was complaining why I haven't online. I am always online, it's just that I'm not at the desk. The computer is almost never turned off. And I do not have anything to talk to them anyway. I almost wanted to tell them, I have a million of other things to do, I have a life, and my life is not just chatting with you, meaningless talks.

I have been pretty busy, hubby was away for work again, and he will be again, soon enough. She somehow doesn't know how busy I am. It's not easy when you have a 8 months old. You have to watch him 24/7, especially now that he is started to be more mobile.

He is learning how to crawl, and he can sit upright from his tummy. It's strange that he does not fancy all his toys. He rather play with the boxes, fan, air vent, hair brush.. anything but not toys.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not just a hat

I went shopping again today. In fact I've been shopping everyday. Although I haven't bought anything today, it's the happiest shopping trip in the week. I bought a lot of stuff during other shopping trips, in fact too many stuff, my hubby call them junk. They are not junk. They are just not vital stuff that we need. They are still good stuff, that we might need one day.

Why am I so happy today? I finally found his lost hat. He lost his hat during one of those shopping trips. I went back at least 3 times. Asked 3 times, and got no hat. Today, I finally found his hat, in the clearance bin! It was for sale for $2!!

You might wonder why I keep going back for the hat? It's not an expensive hat, it's just that he likes that hat... so it's pricelss. You can never buy back something that you really like, never. Sometimes, precious things are priceless, can't be valued. It might be just a cheap shirt, or hat, but if you really like it then it's priceless. Hold on to it and never lose it again!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am all drained. I never feel so tired (well I am always tired but this is worse). aunty came for a visit.. and home alone again. Little Noah bullied me and won't go to sleep until 11pm last night, and woke up with big cry at 4am. I took him to my room, pat and nursed him.. and we both fell asleep together, until 830am!

It's really a difficult job.. I almost quit my job, during the first month, but hubby wouldn't let me, I'm in it for life. As I'm relaxing (with my busy life) and resting (from getting too many visitors), people still won't leave me alone, they stalk me, online. Internet stalker! That's what they are. Please, leave me alone. I had enough.

I find it irritating when people approach me with a motive. Why can't everybody just be nice, and get along? Ghee.. I think the teachers were not doing a good job at work, and parents are obviously too busy, not educating their kids.. and they grew up becoming a stalker.. an annoyance..whatsoever you want to call it.

I'm going to hide in my cave for awhile. Stop approaching me. I had enough. I want to live my life without you. I do not need you, stalkers/ telemarketers/whatever else that annoys...ghhee... get a life!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopaholic/ Coachaholic?

I went shopping today(again). Everyday (almost everyday) I have to refrain myself from going to the store (especially Coach). Whenever I do not feel happy, I have the urge to go shopping, and get something nice, doesn't matter if it's for myself, or for others. I love to get good bargains. Yes I know, I am cheap, I love getting good deals, but why pay more when you can get the same stuff for a fraction of the price?

I always ask hubby to guess the items I purchased, and he usually guessed it right. He knows I wont buy it unless it's really really cheap. I bought GAP t-shirts for as cheap as under $4, Adidas cap under $5, Tommy Hillfiger Shirts under $6, just to name a couple. Today, I bought a ball for my son for $2, and a dress for my friend's baby girl. I might not see her soon, but someday I will, I hope it will still fits her.

Noah loves shopping. He loves looking at the mirrors. He loves to see the other cute baby in the mirrors. Sometimes he laughs, sometimes he shriek, happily.. but he is usually enjoying the other baby in the mirror.

I am going to have to go to Coach again, for once and all, and never return (for awhile). All my guests have come and gone, and I have leftover items that I need to return.. There'll be no more reasons for me to go to Coach. I have enough bags.. and my credit card was declined the last time I went to Coach, I bought too many bags. No more shopaholic.. no more coachaholic.. back to my whiney baby.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Come Dine With Me Australia

Come Dine With Me Australia
5 Aussies, 5 Dinner parties, 1 winner! Things are going to get messy

Back with a brand new series, Come Dine With Me Australia sees everyday Australians battling it out for the title of the ultimate dinner party host with narrator James Valentine overseeing the parties with his witty observations. Each week over five nights, five total strangers take it in turns to cook up their idea of the perfect evening for the other four. Each believes they can cook up the perfect evening and hopes their unique style will clinch them the title of best host & the cash prize. As well as cooking, there's also a large helping of reality on the menu as the rival hosts snoop around each others' houses and go to great lengths to win the competition.

Find out more at www.comedinewithme.com.au

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's all over

6 weeks went by quickly.. not that quick, but it's over now.. phewww. Sometimes I get really mad, but most time I just let it go. They are still my parents no matter how, nothing can change that. Just have to tolerate. I'm glad that I'm not that near to them. Sorry to say this, but I can't hide it anymore. You might be older, but surely NOT wiser. (well you think you are, that's why you never listen) Let's just hope they never find my blog, my dad was asking me about it the other day.. I think they have been stalking me everywhere, online. I used to write in multiply but they stalked me there so I stopped.

I thought I will get more free time when they were here but I was wrong. I was even busier. Had to bring them around, my mom likes shopping. She complained that my aunt took her to the museum, all she wanted to do was to go shopping! She was in DC and never appreciate and take the opportunity to see what's around. That's how shallow she is. Sorry but it's true, and that's exactly how I feel about it.

I do not need to be 'nice' to them anymore because they never appreciate me. My dad told me to kinda 'shut up' when I tried to teach them something, and my mom told another friend that her kids are not as good, she is not as lucky. That's the story of my parents. Now please don't ask me how are my parents and if I miss my family... I am very sure you know how I feel. I do not want to tell lies. It might seem that I m not filial, but if you treat me like shit, you'll get shit. I can be very nice.. only to the nicer people.

At least it's all over now, I am back to my old routine, only one more couple coming to visit and no more guests for the rest of the year.. This tourist guide need a rest!