Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Very bad day, so far

Have you ever have a day so bad you felt like doing nothing but crying? This morning, my little boy woke up so early, as usual. He wouldn't co-operate, doesn't want to put on the diaper, or any clothes, took me forever to get him ready. I was all tired by then (not forgetting carrying extra 25 lbs with me)

I made some rice noodles ( cheung fun) from rice flour, my first attempt, first few was alright, but my little boy threw tantrum and ruin my mood, and food of course. The rest of them ended up in the garbage. He threw his food all over the floor, hence more work for me to do after.

All he wants was fruits, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, blueberries, told him he had enough but enough is not enough for him. I am really exhausted at this point. I made some buns but it didn't rise, not sure what's wrong but my buns so ugly.. sigh...

We went out to the mall, had to get Harry Potter Clue for my nephew, looked everywhere for it, but they do not have it, not even online! My credit card bill came, and it was a big surprise how much I actually spent! OMG, $600 just for groceries? And worse of all, I felt that I was being ripped off, one bill was charged $74++ when it was suppose to be $66, because it was a tax free day, but I still get charged for the tax. And of course very unfortunately, the receipt is gone, in the gabage dump.. I have no proof for it.

Everything just went wrong today, and it's not even noon yet.. I just felt like going back in my bed, cover up and cry.

Sob Sob.