Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My experimental baby food

I had so much problem getting the right food to feed my baby boy. He seems to want to put everything in the mouth, interested in everything we ate, but when I put the baby rice cereal in his mouth.. he either throw it out, play with his finger, or keep it shut.

I thought he wasn't ready, but it was just the type, and brand. His first food was Heinz rice cereal. And then we tried barley.. and then in the mail comes Nestle rice cereal, which he liked better.

I tried them with different testure, more watery, more thicker.. add milk, add water but they dont seem to work. Then i tried mashed carrots, yam and potatoes... doesnt mind potatoes but not the other 2.

He loves banana. So today, i mixed the cereal in with my milk, and banana.. and he opened the mouth wide for me. Experiment success ...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Never again, on ebay

I'm really upset today. Maybe Ms Red is coming soon, but there's also another reason. I really hate eBay now. They always tell u how easy it is to sell and buy on ebay, they even give u free listing to try.

I sold 4 bags within a couple of days. Unfortunately, not all transactions are smooth. The first buyer was so nice and paid immediately, and return a positive feedback. The 2nd buyer never reply my messages, and somehow the shipping wasn't charged. I tried to get help from ebay but they were not really helpful, just asked me to contact the buyer, which I did, and got no reply from. After deducting the eBay fees, paypal fees, and shipping fees, I actually lost about $10!

The 3rd buyer never pay and the ebay charged me fees for it $18+. Suppose to give me the credit back, but wth! The 4th buyer asked me to send it to a different address because she is gonna be away and don't want to not be there when it arrives. I was naive enough to trust her and sent to a different address, and then later did I found out from Ebay for Dummies that I m not suppose to do that, because if anything happens, insurance will not cover.

So all in all, I learned that it's not an easy business, there's a lot of risk, and u might end up losing $$. The buyer can always refund or there might be some fraud .. just too many risks to list. I'm never ever gonna sell in ebay anymore. It's just a big mess and too much risks.. and not much gained.. but I had to use my own $ to pay for all those stupid fees, and got no help.

KFC.. finger lickin' good

There was a documentary on Colonel Sanders yesterday on TV. If you do not know who is he, I can tell you he a great man, he my inspiration. Colonel Sanders had a hard life, he was an army, he sold tyres, he opened a gas station, a motel.. and at the age of 65, he started his Kentucky Fried Chicken business, and started franchising. He insisted on doing everything himself, and his style, to ensure good quality. Soon there was more demand and more customers, and he had more franchise.
Not long after, a company wanted to buy it over, he was upset at first of the idea, but he realize KFC was too big for a one man's show, so he sold it for 2 mil. He regretted it later because the quality was becoming bad. He quoted that the mashed potatoes tasted like wall paper! I wonder how the real KFC was like back then. It must be really good. I never really like the sides, the fries are usually soggy, but the chicken is good.
So the disappointed Colonel Sanders opened a new restaurant but he got sued! He can't use his name for his new restaurant! And can't use his own image.. so he sued them back and got 122 mil. He was foolish then because he was offered 10% of KFC stocks and he refused. Although he got a bunch of $ from them, he was never greedy. He donated most of his $ to charity, university , etc.
To make it short, the lesson learned from this documentary was, it's never too late to start anything in life, and you should never give up, even when u r 65, that's when life begun.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer time

We went to the park yesterday. It was Noah's first outing to the park, for picnic. He seems to enjoy it, well he likes to be anywhere but home. It was something different for him. He loves to watch the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. He can spend hours.. maybe couple minutes..watching them.

We drove around the area, from the north to the south. There were so many nice houses along the Niagara River. I always wonder how people can afford those million dollars home. And of course, noah usually falls asleep during the ride. We passed by farms, and bought some yellow plums. They are so sweet!! I wish they have pick your own farm here but they don't. We are so lucky because there's a lot of fruits growing so well in this area.

After the long ride, I saw my neighbour's son playing on the driveway. I thought he was playing with his toys, a toy hammer, but it was a real hammer, with a couple real nails! I thought he was the 5 years old boy, but after seeing the 5 years old playing with the 8 years old, it was actually the 3 years old who was hammering away! My neighbour has a one and a half year old, 3+, 5+ and 8+ years old sons. They are sure busy but at least they shouldn't neglect the kids. Maybe that's how they teach their kids, or maybe the kids doesn't listen to the parents.. but a 3 years old playing hammer and nails?? That's too dangerous don't you think so?

I m not sure what kinda parent I will be but I am pretty sure I won't let my precious baby Noah do anything dangerous like that. As I'm typing this, I still can hear him hammering away. He has been doing that a lot lately, and unsupervised. I hope nobody gets hurt.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Mr Diary,

Hubby finally sent my parents away. They will be back in a week's time. After spending 16 days with them, it's different now without them here. Although sometimes they make me mad, I learn how to keep one eye closed and just let it go. Nothing is perfect.

I will have to wake up early again for the next whole week. It was nice that I can sleep in when they were here. I m gonna be sleep deprived again. Noah hasn't been sleeping thru' the night, he wakes up quite often actually, perhaps this is a good time to train him to go back to sleep himself. I had to make him quiet when I had people over because I was worry he will wakes everybody up, but now they are gone, we can go back to training.

Weather has been very hot... and look's like we are getting a storm. I have been so so busy with my garden... and still has so many to do. I sold all my bags on ebay (almost all, only 1 left!). I was so surprised people will spend so much on bags. I guess now I have to go back and get more. It's so easy to sell on ebay but I'm still worry about the transactions, how if I get ripped off? How if the transaction's not smooth..when I've already sent the item out and not get paid? I probably won't sell anymore on eBay, it was something to try..and now I've done it.

My early crops ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dentist

I went to the dentist today. I never really like Dentist (well who like dentist?). I finally found a dentist that I like and then we had to move. Now I have a new dentist, from India. The technology is so..different from few years back, or maybe it's just better here. I had my denture's x-ray, and they made a mold for my teeth.. I was surprised.

It's really expensive too, but luckily everything is covered by the insurance. I had 3 fillings today and it cost almost $550! I don't know why the dentist always change my filling and seems like I always have a few bad teeth.. I tried brushing better .. but still I got bad teeth.

I blame it all on my parents, of course. They never really force me to brush my teeth, well they were always not home. And of course if it wasn't checked sometimes I 'forgot' to brush. It didnt help much as I do not like the minty flavour of the I never really liked brushing my teeth. When I was working, due to irregular hours and sometimes I was too tired even to brush my teeth.. it became worse..

It's kinda a new start for me and my teeth, most of them are bad.. but better late than never right? I will have to really take good care of my remaining good teeth.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ebay for Dummies?

Since I've been shopping too much, more than I needed,(and eBay has free listing this week).. I posted some of the items I got for a good bargain at eBay. Unfortunately, I've never done it before and I do not know anything about it, therefore.. I'm having a sleepless night, again.

I was just trying it for fun not knowing that somebody will actually bid on it. What do I do now? Do I just wait? And I was having so much problems already with those people who work at the post office. They seem to like to charge me more...although I listed it as pay your own shipping.

Gheeee... I never thought it can be so complicated.. I probably should get the book for dummies...I hope they have the step by step things to do, because my listing is ending in 2 days time.. I will need to know what to do..How am I gonna know if the other party paid? How do I know how much the shipping? There's just so much trouble.. I shouldn't have tried it for fun.. It's too late now...sigh

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noah's Playing with his PoPo

To all baby Noah's fan out there, here's another video for you. Happy watching.

Friday, July 9, 2010

World Cup Semi-final

Ben Shires and the Wrapped Up team are back to wrap up the round in which four teams became two - the 2010 FIFA World Cup semi finals. There's a trippy recreation of the Van Bronckhorst goal with commentary from a couple of Dutch stoners, PLUS we see why nobody would refuse an offer from Fabio Capello...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


PHeww...........IT has bee so HOTTTTTTTTTTT lately.. Feels super duper hot after having lots of cool weather. I almost forgot how summer was, until now.

My parents came over for a visit last week. That's why I have been so busy. At first I wasn't happy with them because I was comparing them to my friend's mom and my in laws who are a lot more helpful, but I guess everybody is different, and I shouldn't compare them to anybody. They are still my parents no matter what. I was just so used to my in laws who are so nice and helpful.. I forgot who my parents really are(not that they are super bad or anything just they do not work as much)... I should accept them as who they are, it's hard to train an old dog new trick, let alone two of them.

I've been taking them out shopping, and of course they haven't stopped complaining how HOT it is here. Coming from a hot country, they expect it to be cooler here. The local just love the heat here because we do not get so many hot days. As a tourist location, this place is already packed with lots of tourist from all over the world, and wherever there are tourists, there'll be good sales. We've been buying so much, I should stop buying anything before I m really broke.

I've come across so many sweaty and stinky people while shopping, I wonder if they know deodorant exist. Here's one for you!

World Cup is almost over!~

Wrapped Up: World Cup is an online comedy series that wraps up each stage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in a unique and lo-fi style.

In this episode... As Germany's unstoppable run continues through another stage of the tournament, their manager Jogi Löw hits the streets of London to give his Fashion Löwdown. PLUS we take a look at some of Brazil's goals courtesy of Brazilian channel El Loco Televizione...

FootBall Fans Needs Help

Are you a football fan? These people needs help desperately.. Glad there's nobody in my home that's such fanatic.. It's almost over anyway

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you have been following my blog.. you might notice I've been busy again. I was super busy.. we spent the last week at my in law's for Canada's Day week. It was fun.. and tiring at the same time. All the kids were there and Noah had a great time.

And then we had to come back.. with 2 more new babies; my parents. Now I have 2 more babies clean after and take care of. Thank god it's only 6.5 weeks,well only 5 weeks actually because they'll be travelling away.

IT's not that I do not like my parents, it's just that I never get along with them. They are the totally opposite me. I have to thank them actually because I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't because of them. I learn not to break promises and keep my words.. learn how to not be so messy, learn not to talk too much without thinking first.. and the list goes on.

I almost lost it all but hubby told me to be patience.. have to try to be peaceful, afterall they do not come here all the time. That's what happen when you have to stay with your parents for a long time.. If anybody asked me again if it's a good idea to stay with your parents/in laws? The answer is a big NO.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot Babes

Football fever is still on. I've been so so busy lately that I do not have time to update, meanwhile enjoy this video...

It has been so crazy lately, I have 2 visitors over, imagine a baby plus 2 more.. I hardly have time to sleep.. and hubby is always busy watching the world cup...
I wish this will be over sooner...