Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KFC.. finger lickin' good

There was a documentary on Colonel Sanders yesterday on TV. If you do not know who is he, I can tell you he a great man, he my inspiration. Colonel Sanders had a hard life, he was an army, he sold tyres, he opened a gas station, a motel.. and at the age of 65, he started his Kentucky Fried Chicken business, and started franchising. He insisted on doing everything himself, and his style, to ensure good quality. Soon there was more demand and more customers, and he had more franchise.
Not long after, a company wanted to buy it over, he was upset at first of the idea, but he realize KFC was too big for a one man's show, so he sold it for 2 mil. He regretted it later because the quality was becoming bad. He quoted that the mashed potatoes tasted like wall paper! I wonder how the real KFC was like back then. It must be really good. I never really like the sides, the fries are usually soggy, but the chicken is good.
So the disappointed Colonel Sanders opened a new restaurant but he got sued! He can't use his name for his new restaurant! And can't use his own image.. so he sued them back and got 122 mil. He was foolish then because he was offered 10% of KFC stocks and he refused. Although he got a bunch of $ from them, he was never greedy. He donated most of his $ to charity, university , etc.
To make it short, the lesson learned from this documentary was, it's never too late to start anything in life, and you should never give up, even when u r 65, that's when life begun.

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