Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer time

We went to the park yesterday. It was Noah's first outing to the park, for picnic. He seems to enjoy it, well he likes to be anywhere but home. It was something different for him. He loves to watch the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. He can spend hours.. maybe couple minutes..watching them.

We drove around the area, from the north to the south. There were so many nice houses along the Niagara River. I always wonder how people can afford those million dollars home. And of course, noah usually falls asleep during the ride. We passed by farms, and bought some yellow plums. They are so sweet!! I wish they have pick your own farm here but they don't. We are so lucky because there's a lot of fruits growing so well in this area.

After the long ride, I saw my neighbour's son playing on the driveway. I thought he was playing with his toys, a toy hammer, but it was a real hammer, with a couple real nails! I thought he was the 5 years old boy, but after seeing the 5 years old playing with the 8 years old, it was actually the 3 years old who was hammering away! My neighbour has a one and a half year old, 3+, 5+ and 8+ years old sons. They are sure busy but at least they shouldn't neglect the kids. Maybe that's how they teach their kids, or maybe the kids doesn't listen to the parents.. but a 3 years old playing hammer and nails?? That's too dangerous don't you think so?

I m not sure what kinda parent I will be but I am pretty sure I won't let my precious baby Noah do anything dangerous like that. As I'm typing this, I still can hear him hammering away. He has been doing that a lot lately, and unsupervised. I hope nobody gets hurt.

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