Monday, May 31, 2010

What's for lunch/dinner ?

Daddy hasn't been feeling well lately so mommy made really simple homemade chicken noodle soup for daddy. It's healthy and easy to make. Here's some to share with everybody. Enjoy!
Boil noodle and pork balls, and chicken (bone-in chicken) soup in separate pot, not forgetting fried shallots to enhance the flavour.

Fresh vegetable (cilantro, onion and 'kau kei' dont know what it is called in english) from the garden for healthier food, healthier living :)

Everyday's Video

You don't wanna miss the day in, day out life of this cute little pie

Noah playing in his gym

Noah sitting in his favourite chair

Noah playing with his new toy from his grandma

and there'll be more to come, when I have the time to upload.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Noahs working hard on tummy time

Noah was just over 4 months old, when he was still unable to hold his head up. He gets whiney and lazy when he is tired.

Noah's Videos

See the difference, Noah at 4 weeks and 4 months?

Do not take tour if you are planning to meet me

I woke up this morning with a miss call and several sms on my cellphone. My friend was planning to meet me here at Niagara Falls during her 10 days tour of USA and Canada. I was told to standby for her phone calls for the weekend, not knowing when or where to meet her. I think it would have been better if she got all her information right.

She called me at 11.32 pm last night, I was sound asleep. Well, everybody (who had a baby) knew that you have to sleep whenever you can or you'll never get any sleep. Luckily she couldn't get my house phone or she would have waken the whole family up. She left an sms asking me to meet her at 7am at her hotel, across the border in the States.

I wonder, how many of you will go over to the other country to meet a friend who is passing through the country in a short notice like that? Even if you do not have a baby or have to feed him every 3 hours? Will you go through the custom and immigration and all the trouble at 6 in the morning?

I actually pitied her because I felt that she has been ripped off. She didn't get the chance to see the best of Niagara Falls. You have see the falls from the Canada side, not from the USA side. Anyway, the lesson to learn from here is to do your homework before going anywhere for vacation. You have to know where you are going and try to get the information ahead of time. A lot of people are too naive and just follow the tour groups, in the end they do not know what they are missing.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Online shopping

Lately there has been too many people selling clothings online. I was almost tempted to buy so many things but my better judgement won me over, luckily. Do you know how much cheaper it is if you buy them online? It's at least half of whatever you'll be paying in the store. Well it make sense since they have to pay the rental and utilities for the stores. Those vendors must really hate internet now that more and more people is going to online stores instead.

The items are usually priced a lot cheaper online, but shipping is so much more expensive ( unless you can get free shipping ). I almost wanted to buy 20 items of clothing online 2 weeks back. They are so pretty and they are cheap, but I do not need 20 dresses/blouses, and you don't get to try on them or check the quality.

I almost wanted to buy a LV bag, but then after thinking twice (or more), I decided not to. Do you know how much it is and yet still so many people are so crazy about them? Imagine how many family I can feed with the $ for the bag. So I promised myself not to buy, or I'll have to spend the same amount of $ to feed the poor. ( Maybe when I win the lottery and have too much money, it might happen )

Well, just a short crap today. Baby's awake and have to spend more time with him. My parents never really spend much time with me when I was young, so I vow not do it to him (learning from my experiences). They grow up so fast so have to enjoy these precious moments together.

Have a nice and hot weekend!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Going Green

I never like the colour green when I was younger. I thought it was yucky.. like vege, not that I hate vege it's just like stale food or something. I have changed as I grew older, and naturally my point of view of green has changed too.

Have you ever wonder why I put green colour as my background? I'm going green, of course. A lot of people did not realize that we have been harming the environment. It's time to do something for the world. We took so much from it, it's time to give back. It might not be much but if everybody do something it will help a lot I am sure of it.

I've got my father in law installing fancy clothes line for me, instead of using the dryer. I've been using it whenever we have nice sunny days, and I couldn't love it more. I reuse the water from washing the rice/vege to water the plant, and I'm looking forward to install my rainbarrel. I throw the vege/fruits into the compost and use it as a fertilizer for my plants the next year. I separate all my recycling items each weeks and arrange them neatly in their special recycling boxes. We used to have only one garbage bag a month, but now with the diaper I regret to tell you I have a bag of garbage full of diapers every week. This will subdue too when Noah is fully toilet-trained.

Those were just a few of the little things that I did trying to go green, going back to the nature and trying to save the world, make it a better place. I can do it, why can't you?

Fruits @ my backyard



Pear and Grapes....

Can't wait for them to grow faster!!!

You've Got A Mail ?

I went to the post office yesterday and spent quite awhile there, trying to figure out what is the best and cheapest way to post. Why couldn't it be any simpler? Why do they always make things so complicated. Instead of one option, I was given a list of 5 other options, which were basically serving the same purpose, to get it to point B from point A. They just wanted to make more money out of it I guess.

I sent 2 lil' sleepers ( Noah's old clothes that still looked brand new) to a friend who just had a baby. She reminded me of myself when I had Noah, it was tough times, and I was lucky enough to have my in laws getting everything ready for me. They bought him plenty of clothes, more than he needed, and it wasn't cheap. She told me not to send it but I did anyway, as a gesture to show support for other mommies. I felt the connection and understand how it must be for her. It's not easy when you have a premature baby. I'm happy that both of them are safe and the baby is born healthy. That's the best you can hope for.

Back at the post office, the kind lady was trying to help me and got me cheaper rate by separating the items. At first I was told it was over $7 and then it was reduced to 2.44 by separating them, and if you want it 3 days faster, with insurance and tracking, it's only $30+ ! Isn't all the mail suppose to reach from point A to point B safely? Why do you have to pay more for insurance? Will it get lost? Where will it get to?

I have experienced many times, my mail never got to the person I sent to. I do not trust the postman in Malaysia, never ever. Even in London, my friend never got my cards for her. Where have all my things gone? Is there a place that keeps all my lost mail? I really wonder if the postmen were doing their job. I'm sure there are good ones out there but I had too many lost items and I'm too disappointed to trust them again.

Gotta run now.. my little calf calling.. It's moo moo time~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Big Surprise

This morning, as usual I woke up sleepy. Normally I work the night shift and hubby takes over in the morning from 5-730 am if he is awake. He usually wakes up many times at night, every couple hours. It makes me so tired, sometimes I just sleep in his room instead of going back and forth to calm him down and get him back to sleep, but things has changed.

Hubby read in a book, it says to let him cry himself back to sleep. He has to learn how to sleep without anybody's help. It hurt my heart when he cries over an hour, when I'm just lying there in the bed waiting for him to stop crying. His voice became hoarse today. I wish I can do something but hubby said we have to do it this way, to try different methods for the best.

Noah likes it when people gives him compliments. He likes being called a good boy, cute boy, or big boy. Last night, I almost gave up. I told him please do not cry anymore because you'll be a bad/naughty boy if you do so, and nobody love that. You'll be a good boy if you can sleep more than 3 hours. He did indeed slept from 230 am- 630 am.

Another big surprised happened soon after. As usual daddy changed his diaper, put him on the toilet bowl to pee....and then..'what's that noise' ? Somebody poo in the toilet! I hope he keep peeing and pooing in the toilet because it will save us a lot of money by not buying so many diapers. One thing I learned about parenting, you have to keep encouraging them even if he's just a little baby. It really works!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Noah, month by month

After 5 months

Yesterday, a friend told me she had a baby. He was very early too. It brought back memories when I just had him, my precious lil boy. Can't believe that 5 months has passed in a blink of eye. He was just a tiny baby, now he is almost all grown up.. a grown up baby.

I've learned many things ever since I had him. I learned to be patient. I was a very impatient person, and can be moody at times. Ever since he came into my life, everything has been changed. I learned to be more patience, and be happy more often, because if you are happy, he will be happier, even if he is unhappy. It doesn't help if mommy if not happy, because she plays a big role for him. He is watching her very closely... every moves she makes. So keep smiling, if you want a happy baby.

I'm so proud of my baby boy. He really makes my day. He always knows how to make you happy, and always melt my heart with the big smile, giggles and laughs. He is such a happy cute lil boy. He finally knows how to pee in the toilet, not potty training, this is a real big boy toilet bowl training. Whenever we put him on the toilet he will pee. Sometimes he will smile and laugh, and watch himself peeing, it's really cute. It's like a big accomplishment for all of us, after a month of training, he finally did it. Mommy's so proud of you!

I wonder if there's anybody reading my blog. I was watching Julie/Julia the other day. She was too bored and wanted to do/ write something. I wonder if there's anybody out there reading this, and wonder if I should write something to attract people reading my blog. But I guess not. I m not seeking for fame. I just write whenever I have the time, and whenever I feel like writing.. and I'm not a very good cook. So I'll stick with my boring blog (with not much viewers)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby blues

I have been busy. REALLY BUSY. I m not sure what I was so busy about. I just spent my 24/7 with my precious baby boy. Sometimes I wished he didn't come out so early. I wished I had more freedom. He can be quite clingy. I wish he doesn't cry as much, and sleep more often, and do whatever we want/ hope he will be doing. But that doesn't happen.

Babies are difficult. He cries for attention all the time, yet when he smiles, he melts your heart. It makes you feel better, just for a couple minutes.. and there goes the madness all over again. I'll never get to sleep again, not for another couple months at least.

Whatever happen to the saying 'sleeping like a baby' does not applicable to my baby. By the way, my baby doesn't look like a baby.. he gives me a feeling like he is a big boy, well he likes being called as a big boy. He is our big boy. Let's just hope our big boy will sleep thru' the night soon, so mommy can get some sleep..Zzzz