Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After 5 months

Yesterday, a friend told me she had a baby. He was very early too. It brought back memories when I just had him, my precious lil boy. Can't believe that 5 months has passed in a blink of eye. He was just a tiny baby, now he is almost all grown up.. a grown up baby.

I've learned many things ever since I had him. I learned to be patient. I was a very impatient person, and can be moody at times. Ever since he came into my life, everything has been changed. I learned to be more patience, and be happy more often, because if you are happy, he will be happier, even if he is unhappy. It doesn't help if mommy if not happy, because she plays a big role for him. He is watching her very closely... every moves she makes. So keep smiling, if you want a happy baby.

I'm so proud of my baby boy. He really makes my day. He always knows how to make you happy, and always melt my heart with the big smile, giggles and laughs. He is such a happy cute lil boy. He finally knows how to pee in the toilet, not potty training, this is a real big boy toilet bowl training. Whenever we put him on the toilet he will pee. Sometimes he will smile and laugh, and watch himself peeing, it's really cute. It's like a big accomplishment for all of us, after a month of training, he finally did it. Mommy's so proud of you!

I wonder if there's anybody reading my blog. I was watching Julie/Julia the other day. She was too bored and wanted to do/ write something. I wonder if there's anybody out there reading this, and wonder if I should write something to attract people reading my blog. But I guess not. I m not seeking for fame. I just write whenever I have the time, and whenever I feel like writing.. and I'm not a very good cook. So I'll stick with my boring blog (with not much viewers)

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