Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Big Surprise

This morning, as usual I woke up sleepy. Normally I work the night shift and hubby takes over in the morning from 5-730 am if he is awake. He usually wakes up many times at night, every couple hours. It makes me so tired, sometimes I just sleep in his room instead of going back and forth to calm him down and get him back to sleep, but things has changed.

Hubby read in a book, it says to let him cry himself back to sleep. He has to learn how to sleep without anybody's help. It hurt my heart when he cries over an hour, when I'm just lying there in the bed waiting for him to stop crying. His voice became hoarse today. I wish I can do something but hubby said we have to do it this way, to try different methods for the best.

Noah likes it when people gives him compliments. He likes being called a good boy, cute boy, or big boy. Last night, I almost gave up. I told him please do not cry anymore because you'll be a bad/naughty boy if you do so, and nobody love that. You'll be a good boy if you can sleep more than 3 hours. He did indeed slept from 230 am- 630 am.

Another big surprised happened soon after. As usual daddy changed his diaper, put him on the toilet bowl to pee....and then..'what's that noise' ? Somebody poo in the toilet! I hope he keep peeing and pooing in the toilet because it will save us a lot of money by not buying so many diapers. One thing I learned about parenting, you have to keep encouraging them even if he's just a little baby. It really works!!

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