Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A messy day

Noah loves climbing the stairs. He can be so whiney but as soon as I open the gate for him to climb the stairs, he'll give me that naughty/sneaky look. He climbs up right away.. sometimes bringing his blankie with him.
It's a total mess today. He was just out of my sight for a couple seconds, and then he was right there with toilet papers everywhere... He had the vaseline everywhere too... it was such a big mess I do not know where to start cleaning, so I just left it there for hubby to see.

Some days I just feel so lazy, why not just mess it up and have a good laugh at it after, that's what I learned from Noah. He seemed to have a good time anyway.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Down with the flu

Today's hubby's turn to get sick. Now the whole family got the flu. Noah and I got better sooner than hubby. He is still sick. I told hubby, "now you know how I felt when I was sick". I had to take care of the sick baby while I was sick too. It wasn't easy. I think hubby appreciate me more after this, he kept telling me thank you whole day, because I made him chicken noodle soup. He felt better after having the soup.

I hate the flu. At least it's all over now, almost. don't have to worry about getting it again. We should have stronger immune system by now. I was glad that Noah is alright...but I think another problem is coming up. He is teething, again. He has been drooling a lot, another tooth will be out anytime soon. Usually he gets very whiney, and he wants more attention, more than ever.

School starts next week, but I think I should wait for a couple days and make sure everything is ok, don't want to be like those irresponsible parents that affected other kids to get sick. I don't want anybody else to be sick. It wasn't nice.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stomach Flu...Boo!

I threw up at 4.45am yesterday. The first thought was I hope I am not pregnant, yet. I managed to run to the bathroom the first time but not the second time, it landed on the carpet beside the bed. Hubby was busy cooing the baby at 5.30 am, so I had to clean the mess, while I was still feeling drowsy.

I really hoped that hubby can stay home because I was feeling so sick, but hubby had to go to work, but he took today off. I told baby to be good because mommy's not feeling so good. Unfortunately, baby didn't feel too good either. He started to throw up at 830 am. He threw up 3-4 times, that's how many times I did the laundry yesterday.

I was so worried yesterday, luckily he was feeling better by noon. I had a diarrhea too so I knew I wasn't pregnant... and baby can't be pregnant. The second thought, it must be food poisoning, if both of us got it, but we ate the same food everyday, and hubby wasn't sick. So I thought maybe it might be from the lunch at the playdate's house??? Or maybe some virus from them? She told me they were all sick during the holidays and she just recovered the day before!! I was really mad when I learned that she didn't told me earlier, I wouldn't have gone to their house if I knew they were just sick before, and now we are getting it (maybe it wasn't from them but there's still a risk right)

So I called and asked her what kinda sickness they had. They had fever, but she knew people around here having stomach flu and it's spreading, so I guess it must be stomach flu, because it can't be food poisoning because hubby didn't get sick ( unless it was the food from her house, but they didn't get sick either)

Whatever it was, it wasn't nice. I can hardly walk or stand. I had to change his diaper on the floor because I was feeling drowsy. Thank goodness hubby came home after 8 long hours of waiting. I tried calling the telehealth phoneline, 2 different lines but they all go to recorded voice messages, how helpful? And there's suppose to be a phone line for food poisoning but the number wasn't stated anywhere.. @#^@#@!

Anyway, everything is better now (except that I got my period and I get another different type of pain now). Hubby was nice enough to coo the crying baby at 4 am today. I was so tired.. too tired. I was all worried about nursing him while I'm so sick but I guess maybe my milk gave him some antibiotic, he was recovered so quickly.. yet I'm still so.. lethargic. He is eating well, and more than before. Yesterday I only had 4 biscuit and a glass of apple juice until hubby got home. Imagine.. no food.. don't feel like eating anything actually, but I had to eat something, and I still have to feed him...

We are trying to wean him off, slowly...gradually, hopefully soon. It will take some time, but I need my body back. I am eating more today, and hopefully will be all better by tomorrow. I have to be strong, to take care of myself, and the family. Can't get sick anymore.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Playdate?

It must be the time of the month again, once again I'm feeling down. So down that I do not want to do anything or even go out. I went shopping yesterday. Got myself a sweater/dress and another new pair of jeans. I was happy for awhile, shopping is a good therapy, but now.. I don't know why and I am feeling depress again.

I went to A's house after shopping, was planning to get my container back. I gave her some banana cake a month ago, and it has slipped her mind to return it I guess. So I thought, why not drop by and check out her house, since she invited me there so many times.

It was a beautiful house. They have a very cute dog. Noah likes animals but hates it when he tried to lick him. They had to tie the poor doggy up because he kept going after little Noah. There's 2 kids in the family, B 3 YO , and C 5 YO both boys. They are nice family and she keep asking me to go back again n visit them anytime, they like Noah... but I don't think so.

1stly, doggy T keep attacking Noah. 2ndly, B keeps hurting Noah because he's jealous of mommy trying to hold Noah. He actually tried to hit him with a pot, poke him with fork (in the face!) and tried to drag him around the room. Poor Noah. Noah actually screamed for help. I went out to get something in the car and A asked B to help watch Noah while I'm gone to the car.. I was really worried to leave him with them. And 3rdly.. they do not eat healthy food. The kids have bfast at 11am, ice cream and candies at 12, and lunch at 1pm. And they do not like vege, and the parents do not care to get them to eat it. They tried to feed my Noah with all those sweet junk food, I was reluctant to let him eat, but they keep insisting, so I let him have some. Thank God he didn't like some of the food. We are trying to feed Noah healthy, non-sweet food, natural, whole grain.. and all that good stuff.. meanwhile I realize a lot of other parents spoilt their kids with sweets.

Well, who am I to tell about other parents? Every parents have their own way, good or not, we are not to judge. They just want to spoilt them in their own way... It might not be good for the kids, they might not realize it.. but I'm told that I am not a good mother anyway... so what?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Unhappiness Thoughts

I am not happy.
I'm not happy with the crappy cold weather.
I'm not happy to be stuck at home all the time with a whiney baby.
I'm not happy to be feeling so unattractive, yet I do not bother to make myself prettier.
I'm not happy that I will never get my beauty sleep anymore, for the next 18 years.
I'm not happy that there's not good sales when I go shopping, and no good shows on the tv when I wanna watch something.
I'm not happy how some people always ask for your opinion but they NEVER listens.
I'm not happy how 'she' makes me feels like a kid, so stupid and unimportant.
I'm not happy because she told me I'm NOT a good mom, just because my son poo 3 times a day, and I told her it's normal, she thinks otherwise, and she thinks she is always right and when there's something wrong I'm always the one to blame.
I am just simply not happy.
Now just let me sulk.