Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A day trip accross the border

I went over to Buffalo, New York today. It was my first time driving out of the country without my hubby. The wait was long at the custom because they were slow, perhaps they were having lunch break. The guys asked me a bunch of silly questions and tried to confuse me, but it was alright.

We went to the outlet mall on the other side of the river. It wasn't as great or as busy as I thought it'd be. The price was almost the same here so I didnt buy much. On the way back, we bought a case of beer and paid the tax for it, and it was still cheaper than getting it here. The officer at the custom did not believe that I didn't buy very much when I went shopping there, and he checked the car trunk but to his disappointment he found nothing.

It was just a couple hours day trip but it was a new experience to me. I am thankful that my friend offered their GPS to me, and brought it to my house, set it up for me.. so I won't get lost. This kinda friend is to treasure.

Now I m home safe.. and I'm trying to resist the temptation to go shopping again

Friday, November 20, 2009

I went Shopping AGAIN!!

Yesterday I went shopping again, twice! I went in the morning after I pick a friend up to work. I asked her to accompany me to the Coach store before going to work, and I found great stuff. I then went to eat at the restaurant, again and showed them to some other colleagues. She wanted to go again and so we went again. I bought even more bags.

I was feeling down the other day so I kept on going shopping. Shopping makes me feel better especially when I found good deals, but afterwards, I feel guilty altogether. My hubby thinks it's not wise to spend so much on unneccessary items, such as bags. He has been using the same items, for a long period of time ... e.g. his wallet. So I thought of an idea, if I sell off these bags, I can go buy more, and enjoy the process of buying all over again! Won't it be nice?

So if you see anything you like let me know, I'll be happy to sell some to you. You can check it out at the link of my live, under the coach bags for sale.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I feel awfully depressed today. I do not know why, but I know I m not feeling so happy. I know I should try to be happier, but I m just not so happy. Sometimes, it's hard to explain, but I know it will go away soon, I hope.

Perhaps it was a sad drama I watched today. It was quite sad, people died.. having tragedies.. miscarriage.. I should really watch more comedies instead, and I m home alone again, for a week. Perhaps it's the loneliness that crept inside me.. and made me not feeling that happy..or perhaps it was the prenatal class that got cancelled because of the H1N1, and now nobody's gonna teach me how to care for a new born.. Or perhaps it was just a topic that I had in the morning that has always made me so upset...

Whatever it is, I'm going to take one small step at a time, take a deep breath, and remember to how breathe... Always look forward for the best.. and all the bad things will go away when I wake up the next morning. Maybe I should go shopping ~...again

Friday, November 13, 2009

My big round tummy

My tummy just exploded lately. It grew so big so suddenly and I felt like I'm carrying a bit watermelon wherever I go. I never felt so heavy before, it makes me not wanting to be a fat woman because the extra weight can be so unbearable.

Sometimes I feel breathless. Sometimes I get cramps. Sometimes my ribs hurt so bad and most of the time I can feel my stomach stretching like crazy. Just as I thought that I can't get any bigger, I grew bigger.

Getting pregnant is not an easy task. Keeping the baby safe in the tummy is even a harder job. The hardest is yet to come though. This is just the beginning or the journey. It will be worth it, I hope.

I went shopping today!!

I went shopping today. I m so happy and excited that I've got more new bags. I was going to return some, but on second thought, I'm keeping them for a little bit longer.

These are my new collections. They look so pretty don't they? Should I keep them? Or not? As you can see from my previous post, I've already have way too many bags.. hehe..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby at 27 weeks and 2 days

Belly is getting bigger...
Baby still looks the same..
Only the legs are longer... and getting naughtier