Friday, November 20, 2009

I went Shopping AGAIN!!

Yesterday I went shopping again, twice! I went in the morning after I pick a friend up to work. I asked her to accompany me to the Coach store before going to work, and I found great stuff. I then went to eat at the restaurant, again and showed them to some other colleagues. She wanted to go again and so we went again. I bought even more bags.

I was feeling down the other day so I kept on going shopping. Shopping makes me feel better especially when I found good deals, but afterwards, I feel guilty altogether. My hubby thinks it's not wise to spend so much on unneccessary items, such as bags. He has been using the same items, for a long period of time ... e.g. his wallet. So I thought of an idea, if I sell off these bags, I can go buy more, and enjoy the process of buying all over again! Won't it be nice?

So if you see anything you like let me know, I'll be happy to sell some to you. You can check it out at the link of my live, under the coach bags for sale.

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