Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19,2011

It was another long day. This morning we both woke up at 6.25am, I usually get up at 7.30am but I think I had a good sleep last night, I didn't feel too tired. I took him to school as usual, it is usually not as busy until after 10 am.

Noah loves to paint. He paint and does crafts everyday. His other favourite spot is the sand box, and the little tub with water and toys inside. Sometimes he gets all dirty and wet. He loves bath, so I guess he thought it was like the bath, he kept saying bath. It was so cute when he pulled a chair for me to sit on beside the water tub. I usually put him on my lap because he is not tall enough to reach the water, but today I just stood at the side, and he realized that he can't reach the water, so he pulled a chair and pushed it over to me, and pointed to me to sit on it so he can climb on my lap and play.

I don't like it when the caregivers or the parents neglect their children because they are too busy enjoying themselves, chatting away. It happens all the time. It's more like a little breakaway for them to let the cildren go and do whatever they want and they just chat around. I really hate when the caregiver pretend to be very giving, and attentive when the parents are around to watch, but when the parents are not there they do not pay as much attention. It's all an act.

People are just so fake. It's a lot lesser than where I came from but there's still quite a number of them. Sometimes I feel disgusted by the insincerity. I wonder how the teacher can do it. I know sometimes she doesn't like certain people but she has to put on a smile all the time. I guess I can never be a teacher.

We went shopping after his nap. I bought myself a nice trenchcoat, for spring, like a nice raincoat. I needed one because it has been raining too much, it was 149.99, and it was on sale for half! It's hard to find my size, they only have one size 0 left so I had to grab it. I am happy because I have been looking for one for long.. and I got a nice tights for only $6! All from Esprit. I think I shop too much lately. I bought a new pair of shoes for hiking from Salomon, never really heard of the brand before but it's really cool because I don't need to tie the laces, and it's waterproof. Can't wait to use all my new stuff for my trip!

It has been a long long day, I ended it with more baking and cleaning. I have to start baking for Easter. I made peanut butter cookies today, and gonna make pineapple jam for my pineapple rolls tomorrow. Noah loves the cookies. He has been a good boy today for not bugging me too much. I hope tomorrow will be a nicer day, it's stuppose to be rainy this few days, Noah has been wanting to go out a lot lately. He never wants to stay home.

Time for bed. Tata.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I don't know why I am feeling so down today. Perhaps it was because Noah was whiney and clingy this morning. Or maybe because of my neighbour, who got sent back to ICU again. Or is it because hubby is gone for work again, and I am home alone, well not alone, I have him, still.. sighhh...

It was snowing again today. It was nice and warm last week, flowers are blossoming, and then suddenly the sky turned grey and the snow started falling from the sky once again, in April. Sigh.

I realize I do not have very many friends, or maybe everybody else is very busy. There are actually some people who does want to get together with me, which I find pretty annoying. I'm just oo picky with friends. Sigh.

The neighbour across the street fixing their driveway, and the neighbour at the back is fixing their pool.. noisy, sigh. The kids next door pee on the neighbour's trees, just like doggies. Sigh. What kinda parenting is that, raising little pups? BTW they have 4 boys, 2 cats and a new puppy! I wonder what's number 3. Sigh.

It's only 9 pm I am tired but don't want to go to sleep, sigh. I think I should end the day with a long stare at the wall and then will eventually fall asleep. Sigh. What a day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank God!

My neighbour got discharged today. I was very happy. God answered our prayers. I never thought God really exist before, I guess he is listening afterall. I told my hubby my intention to convert if she gets better, and she did, but he said I do not need to convert just because I wanted to pray for her, for her to get better. So now she is better, I'm not sure if I am suppose to do what I intended, or will she get worse? I hope not.

The weather has been crazy this week. Last couple days was nice and sunny, and today was rainy. I really wanted to go out so badly today. I wanted to buy her a nice pot of flowers, to welcome her home. She loves flowers, I do too, but I do not like to see the fresh cut flowers die, so the flower in a pot will be a better option. Easter is coming too, so perhaps I'll get her some lilies tomorrow. I hope the weather will be good enough for me to get out.

I was told not to tell anybody that she is home, her hubby doesn't want people to visit. I understand, because when I got home from the hospital with the baby I did not want visitors for a long time until I was ready. I guess I'm just gonna drop the flowers and card at the front porch. I'm just so happy that she is finally home, at the same time worrying if she will get another heart attack. Life is too unpreddictable. We have to make sure that we live with no regrets, just in case if tomorrow never comes, we will go in peace.

It's gonna be another busy week for me. I've been busy checking and booking for hotels for our next vacation, so excited, can't wait for it.. Easter is coming soon I have to start baking and there's a baby sale coming this weekend.. We do NOT need to buy more things for him.. but it's interesting to go and see what they have, and I might actually find something good.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

She's finally conscious :)

This week was like a roller coaster ride for me. Last weekend, hubby has hockey tournament, and I was busy with my citizenship exam. I was excited, and ready to get it over with, and I have to wait up to 4 months for the result! Anyway that part is over.

Then I got that bad news about my neighbour. I prayed and prayed for her. I am not a very religious person, and I gave up on God after my brother passed away. I was thinking to convert if she survives, and get better. Anyway my son and hubby's family are Catholic, we can go to heaven together after death, otherwise I will be separated from my son right?

The good news is, my neighbour woke up. She is talking now, weak, but she is getting better. It's such a big relief. I feel so much lighter now. I am not a part of her family, I am just a nosy neighbour, but yet I felt so sad. I was so worried for her husband and her daughter. I brought him food, and make sure he didn't faint or anything like that.. pheww.. I hope it's going to get better.

I was really happy today. We went to light a candle for her in the church. I do not know how to pray. Hubby said you just have to say it in your heart. You do not need to convert because you want to pray for her. You just need to do it in your heart and he will hear you. I told him what if he didn't hear me? I just want to make sure you know.. I don't want to lose such a good neighbour. I might be annoying but I will do anything for her to get better. anything at all, to save a life. I will. Now I can have a good sleep tonight :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Good Neighbour

Another sad news broke in today. It really makes me very upset. I was worried, and almost in tears. This morning I called my neighbour, she is my favourite neighbour, she's just like an angel. I was going to give her some of her favourite mangoes, I bought a case of them, they were on sale and I usually share some with her when I buy too much of something.

Her husband answered the phone, and told me she is not there. She is in the ICU. It was a big shock to me because I just talked to her on Saturday, and she was fine, and she was admitted 3 days ago, she told him to tell me but he was too upset to spread it around, and I do understand. Now I am upset too.

They transferred her to another city with better facilities, and it seems that she is not getting better. I am so worried, although she is only a neighbour, but she was always there for me, when I first moved in, I did not have a car, she was taking me around, shopping and getting groceries. We went out for lunches sometimes, and share lots of gossips... She was an angel sent from heaven, babysitting Noah when I needed a shower or run to get something. She was always there.

I am so speechless, I do not know what to say or do. It's really sad, I do not want to see her go, it's not her time yet! We still need her here. Please God don't take her away. I am not a religious person, and I never pray in the church. Today I asked hubby to take me to the church and pray for her. I am not sure if they want others to know about it, but I can't contain the sadness to myself, and so I told the other next door neighbour, to pray for her, and she went to lit a candle for her rightaway. We are all concern about her, worry about her, she is not just a neighbour, she is part of our life.

I wanted to get her flowers, but I am not sure if you can take it into ICU, I wish I can go visit her but it's almost impossible with a toddler around. I really hope that she gets better, and not suffer so much. Life is too unpreddictable, so live life, be happy, you'll never know what happens tomorrow. We will pray for her recovery, and hope for the best.

I am definitely getting my bag!