Monday, April 18, 2011


I don't know why I am feeling so down today. Perhaps it was because Noah was whiney and clingy this morning. Or maybe because of my neighbour, who got sent back to ICU again. Or is it because hubby is gone for work again, and I am home alone, well not alone, I have him, still.. sighhh...

It was snowing again today. It was nice and warm last week, flowers are blossoming, and then suddenly the sky turned grey and the snow started falling from the sky once again, in April. Sigh.

I realize I do not have very many friends, or maybe everybody else is very busy. There are actually some people who does want to get together with me, which I find pretty annoying. I'm just oo picky with friends. Sigh.

The neighbour across the street fixing their driveway, and the neighbour at the back is fixing their pool.. noisy, sigh. The kids next door pee on the neighbour's trees, just like doggies. Sigh. What kinda parenting is that, raising little pups? BTW they have 4 boys, 2 cats and a new puppy! I wonder what's number 3. Sigh.

It's only 9 pm I am tired but don't want to go to sleep, sigh. I think I should end the day with a long stare at the wall and then will eventually fall asleep. Sigh. What a day.

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