Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Good Neighbour

Another sad news broke in today. It really makes me very upset. I was worried, and almost in tears. This morning I called my neighbour, she is my favourite neighbour, she's just like an angel. I was going to give her some of her favourite mangoes, I bought a case of them, they were on sale and I usually share some with her when I buy too much of something.

Her husband answered the phone, and told me she is not there. She is in the ICU. It was a big shock to me because I just talked to her on Saturday, and she was fine, and she was admitted 3 days ago, she told him to tell me but he was too upset to spread it around, and I do understand. Now I am upset too.

They transferred her to another city with better facilities, and it seems that she is not getting better. I am so worried, although she is only a neighbour, but she was always there for me, when I first moved in, I did not have a car, she was taking me around, shopping and getting groceries. We went out for lunches sometimes, and share lots of gossips... She was an angel sent from heaven, babysitting Noah when I needed a shower or run to get something. She was always there.

I am so speechless, I do not know what to say or do. It's really sad, I do not want to see her go, it's not her time yet! We still need her here. Please God don't take her away. I am not a religious person, and I never pray in the church. Today I asked hubby to take me to the church and pray for her. I am not sure if they want others to know about it, but I can't contain the sadness to myself, and so I told the other next door neighbour, to pray for her, and she went to lit a candle for her rightaway. We are all concern about her, worry about her, she is not just a neighbour, she is part of our life.

I wanted to get her flowers, but I am not sure if you can take it into ICU, I wish I can go visit her but it's almost impossible with a toddler around. I really hope that she gets better, and not suffer so much. Life is too unpreddictable, so live life, be happy, you'll never know what happens tomorrow. We will pray for her recovery, and hope for the best.

I am definitely getting my bag!

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