Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bad week for me

I have been feeling very down lately, and NO, I am not pregnant. I had my period ok. I was overtired and got dizzy, almost couldn't make it to the car from Walmart. Luckily hubby was there, imagine how bad it would have been if it was just me and Noah.

I got some rest, and felt better. It was bad combination of not enough sleep, whiney baby, and stress. I have test coming up, on Monday. I lost lots of blood, it's a bad month this time. And I couldn't sleep at night.... and also hubby's gone working again... just me and the baby for now.

Sometimes I just need to be left alone, and rest. Thank you all for your concern, but some people they just don't get it, to NOT bug me. The same person has been inviting me to her home weekly, and she still didn't get it that I do NOT want to go to her house. SIGH. I just needed rest, and to be left alone. I'm just tired.

Anyway, thank you for watching the videos. That is really great, and helpful. I will have to post some pictures of my little prince soon. He is growing up too fast. He can utter a few words, like ball, banana, and his favourite sentence is " where did it go?" and he has to have both hands up when he says it.. he is such a cutie.. he drives me crazy, yet I love him more than so much.

Gotta get some rest while I can..
signing off.

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