Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy day

It has been raining, and will be raining for the next couple days. I guess spring is here, well almost. I like the warmer weather, but I hate the wet ground. What is left from the melting snow is the remaining of junks and pet's poo. While it was all white in the cold winter, now it's all ugly brown. Yikes..

We haven't been to the school lately either. I attempted to go yesterday but I couldn't find a parking. Anyway I don't feel like going to a place with lots of sick kids. I don't understand why and how some people can be so selfish to send the sick kids to school because they are busy and can't take care of their own kids.. and then get the other kids sick. How irresponsible.

Wow, another 2 more friends getting married! I was just told. This must be a good year for weddings. To all my friends who are getting married or pregnant, congratulations. I am truly happy for you... and I might come to your wedding, if I am not pregnant again. We'll work something out!

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