Monday, March 14, 2011

Am I Bagaholic?

I didn't sleep much last night. I was looking at the clock, every hour, and the last time before I finally doze off, was 4.22am, and I got up after 7. So how many hours did I manage to sleep? Figure it out..

I might have been too excited about the trip to Hawaii, or shopping (that I secretly wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton bag really bad and can't tell my hubby about it) or worrying about the bag that was returned and has not arrived yet.

Well, at least the worrying part is over. I got the bag back today. It was alright, but I wonder what kinda people fold a $400 bag into 2 and ship it back in a shoe box, she shouldn't have to fold it, the box was big enough to lay it down flat. She must have really hated it. Anyway that problem is over, finally.

We are going to Hawaii, in less than 2 months. I really wanted to go to Hawaii. I've always watched Hawaii in TV, and postcards, that's like the only place that I really want to go and haven't been to. And when hubby asked me where I want to go, of course I said HAWAII!

I was checking about Hawaii and I found out that it's a tax free place! I eyed a LV bag for a long time, and regretted not buying it when I was working, I used to fly to Paris sometimes, and it was really, a lot cheaper there. I really regret that I didn't buy one. Now that I have a chance to go to a tax free place, and get a cheaper LV bag, I am really tempted. I've been browsing through their website for like 20 times, or more.

My friend has this very nice Eva Clutch, you can use is as sling or a clutch, that's the type of bag that I frequently use anyway, and the price is not too bad. I just need to not buy anymore coach bags! I really really wanted this bag but I think hubby will not be happy if he found out, because he doesn't like those kinda people who spends so much on things like that.

Should I go get it? OR regret later on that I did not get it, once again? OR should I keep it a secret from hubby and get it? OR should I tell him or get it? OMG I am thinking too much about bags once again. We might not have time to go shopping anyway, or not around that area where the shop is.. stop thinking about it!

Ohh.. by the way I returned the bag and got myself a very nice down leather jacket instead, to match with my new black bag.. I think it was a better choice, a leather jacket than a bag... Stop thinking.. stop thinking.. go to sleep


  1. sue...get the bag! who knows after getting the bag your C addiction is less...LV once for all...hehe

  2. Yes I think I am getting it. I am telling myself, maybe after LV, no more C?
    If I pass thru the shop, and they have the item.. I think I am getting it, definitely