Monday, March 7, 2011

Me and My Bags, again

I'm getting crazy, not that I needed more bags, but I got them at a very very good deal. Can you believe these are damaged items too? The straps were missing, so it's damaged... woo hoo, new bags for me ;) Don't really caer for the straps, I can use them without the longer straps anyway.
Noah likes to play with mommy's bag, this is part of my bags.. hehe. My friend told me I have to have special shelves for them, well I do..

The 2 tiny dots of damaged marking.. I don't think anybody can tell if I do not point it out.
Well, at least sometimes, some things makes me happier. Had an awful time dealing with the buyer last week, and i stepped on my glasses, and now it's hard to find a new replacement because my nose is so flat that most glasses slide down easily. The buyer is still ignoring me, after I agreed to cancel. See this is what real life, when they needed somethign they come begging, and then ignore you when they got what they want. Once again, I'm being too naive. Should have listend to my friends advise. Well, a good experience learned. And expensive one


  1. oh dear! sue...the tiny dots not so visible..hardly can be 'spotted' worth buying it!

  2. i know, i know.. i am so happy.. haha.
    You can hardly tell, but then if you are buying for full price you wouldn't want one like that, I guess that's why they have to sell it cheaper... a lot cheaper!