Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just as I thought winter was over, it snowed again today. Spring started at 7.22pm on Sunday, it was "warmer", but today, the ground was covered with 4 inches of snow. Well, at least there's something good that comes out of it, it will help produce more maple syrup. We went to the maple syrup farm and bought a large bottle of maple syrup, 2 litres. According to the maker, she said it's this kinda crazy weather that helps produce the syrup, well we have something to be grateful for this crazy weather now.

I wasn't very happy yesterday. Remember about the cake? The very nice cake that my friend is selling? While I was trying to help promote her cake, she denied that she wants to sell them! Yesterday at school, we were talking about how good her cake was, and the teacher asked if she is starting to sell them.. and she denied! She was saying something about a lot of work, this and that. Imagine how bad it made me look, like I am lying or something.

I was helping her, trying to get others to try her cake, and get orders for her, and there she goes denying it, how nice! I'm really tired of helping others, especially when you are not appreciated, now it makes me look like I am the one who force her to sell. That's not all it, she thinks it's so much work that she has to charge $40-45 a cake.. well, who's gonna buy a cake for so much money? Now there'll be less work for me to do, I am NOT helping anymore!

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