Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy, and happy news

Just 3 days ago, one of my best friend told me she is pregnant. I was happy. And then I was very happy. The more I thought of it I got even happier. She was like a piece of white paper, very pure, very naive. More naive than I was. And then there she is, pregnant. I've always thought she'll be a vigrin forever, I guess not anymore.

The next day, my other best friend told me she is getting married! I was again, very happy. I wonder if there are more good news coming. Anyway I am truly happy for her, finally getting married after so many year. I stopped asking her when is she getting married, because I've asked too many times, and then one day she just told me, I'm getting married!

Those were the 2 happy news. I am very happy for my friends, getting married, and having babies. I hope the best for them, and many happy years ahead. I am very very tempted to fly back end of the year, but we'll have to see how things goes when the time is nearer, can hardly plan anything with a toddler hanging around by your side all the time.

Signing off for the day,
I am still very happy for them ;) HAPPY

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