Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey Mr Postman, where is my mail?!

Today I am complaining about bad Malaysian Postal services. Recently I've sent the wristlets home, for my sis in law, my mom and my aunty. It is suppose to be there in 2 weeks time, but 3 weeks has passed and still not there yet. Everybody is getting worried about it, it's not cheap. The wristlets were $100 and it cost $18 to post.

They do have insurance coverage up to $100 but there's a lot of procedures and you have to write to them, give them proof and wait. How am I going to get the proof that my brother never receive the parcel? Ghheee.... I do hope that he gets it soon so I do not have to go thru all those trouble.

This is not the first time that my mail never get delivered. That is why everybody is worried. I sent my atm card back once and it was lost forever. The postmen are well known for not being honest. A lot of things gone missing. I wonder how those kinda people can live their lives. I wish everybody should just do their part, and not be greedy. Taking other's people belonging, or not doing their duty is a crime. I hope they know that a place called hell exist.

Now I think I am just mad. I wonder if I can write to somebody with higher position in the M'sian postal company that can do something about it, but he probably is the same kinda people. Well, nothing that I can do now. Signing off.. goodnight

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