Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a long long day

First of all, thank you for your opinions, on the previous topic. My friends really made me feel better, and sleep better. I am the type that worry too much and wouldn't be able to sleep unless problem is solved.

This morning she msg me again, asking me to let her return. I finally gave in. I knew I shouldn't because that was the term, but I m soft hearted person, and I believe in good karma. I don't lose much if I let her return, and she will be happier. I might be in the risk of the item do not arrive in good condition, or do not arrive at all, but well, it will be charity and an expensively paid lesson if that happens.

I do believe in good vibes and karma. I believe that if I do good, nothing bad will happen to me, and otherwise. I do not want anything bad happen to me and my family just because of I make somebody not happy, and I like to see everybody happy, foolish but I am. I hope she is not a bad person, but as I said, if she is bad she will get it back at the end, what comes around goes around right...

Anyway I had a very busy day today. Hubby took the day off. I started the day with my lil baby jumping into the bed giving me a big smile. I went to get groceries and post some wristlets to my bro and mom, and aunty. Then we went to get me this new laptop that I m trying to get use to it now. Hubby was complaining that I spent too much time on the computer, now we can be in the same room, or use the computer without fighting.

Then I went to the C store, bought a new damaged bag for a fraction of the price. I love the girl 'Miss F'. She found me this new C bag with 2 tiny dots, black leather, retail at 398$, I paid $95+ for it! What a steal! I'm loving it, and loving her. I don't mind those scratches because all my bags got them eventually. And I was so sad afterwards, when I returned from the gym, as I was rushing home, I dropped my sunglasses on the ground and stepped on it. The good news is, it's not broken. The bad news, it has big scratches. Well, on the bright side, the sunglasses lasted for almost a year. Normally none of my glasses last over a year. I guess I'm lucky afterall!

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