Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End of The Shopaholic Me

I bought a jacket that looked like this last week, except that mine's leather and not so shiny. I haven't got a chance to wear it yet, but I like staring at it. It's a XXXS size! Can you believe XS was still big on me, and the only other size was XXXS. I returned that Python bag and got this jacket instead. I think it's a good exchange, and not it's no C jacket. C will probably cost me more and I do not like their jackets.

I've been thinking for the past couple days, that I really want to get the LV bag after all. I will try to stop buying C. I can do it. This will be my very last bag, a nice good bag to end my bagaholic illness.

Years ago, I do not buy any brand names. I live a simple life. I do not know when I started buying brand names. Perhaps it's the temptation because of the close proximity to the outlet here. I should really STOP being a shopaholic, I have to at least try. I will have to end it in a nice fashion though, what's better than a LV bag right? Yes, I'm gonna do it. If, I pass by the store.. I will get it.. regardless what hubby says.. I'm getting it

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