Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be Good or Be Bad?

I've been selling on Ebay again. I know, I know I shouldn't. I really shouldn't. They always bring me troubles. Ebay emailed me about their free listing, and I posted some items, just for fun, again. I never thought it will be sold so quickly... and there were people trying to buy them.

I was very happy that it got sold, although I really liked the bag, but I was happier to make $100 out of it. So I shipped it the same day, and after 5 day, the buyer messaged me, telling me she wants to return it, because she didn't like it.

It was written there, returns not accepted, and yet she wants to return. Just because she didn't like it so she wants to return? She should have read carefully before buying anything. I feel really bad for her because she didn't like it, but then it's not my fault right?

Other people told me that I should just ignore her, business is business, and not to get emotional with your business, but I feel really bad. Not really that bad, just bad. I believe in karma, what if something bad happens to me because I won't let her return? I don't really lose much if I let her return, other than more troubles to fill up the forms and all the money pending.. and might have risk, if the items never come back?

Tell me what should I do? To let her return or just ignore her? Really won't lose that much, other than my time and trouble...But it wasn't my fault that she didn't like it and she should have read carefully that it is not returnable... sigh..
What should I do? Be the good person or bad person?

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  1. sue perhaps you may try to explain to her on the terms and condition of the trade.if she is the type of understanding person you will worry less.