Sunday, March 20, 2011

The end of winter

Dear Mr Diary,

I am so proud of me. I took my MIL to the C store, found a very nice inexpensive purse, and not buy it. My MIL of course bought it, because it's REALLY NICE and only about $50, looks something like the picture. It's really pretty and it's a nice colour... and it makes nice dinner shoulder bag but I managed to resist my temptation to get it. I just have to do it for the rest of the 10 years.. or maybe sooner.

We had a party for hubby last weekend. I am now very tired. I cooked a lot of food, as usual, but I think my food is not up to par. My friend made a birthday cake for hubby. I encouraged her to sell cakes, because she was looking for a job as a side income, and she bakes very good stuff... good healthy stuff. I was her first customer and the cake was REALLY GOOD. I think she spent a lot of time decorating it. I'm so proud of her, such a good baker, a talented one too.

Noah was having too much fun with the kids. They had a great time, but Noah woke up at 2.30 and cried like crazy. I think he had too much fun, and had nightmares. He's back to normal now, but poor mommy, didn't get much sleep for the whole week. Mommy's gonna get cranky.. off to bed.
Signing off,
tired mom

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