Monday, March 28, 2011

For My Brother, Alex

I was reading about Canada, for my coming test 4th of April, and I thought of my dead brother Alex. Sir John Alexander MacDonald was the first Prime Minister in Canada, was also borned on the same day my brother, on January 11th. The flashback of my brother came back to me last night. I have been avoiding talking about him most of the time. Last night, the memory came back. I remember when I was young, I used to like to pull his pants. I was very naughty. I used to fight with him all the time, and cry when I lost, because I know mom will blame him for bullying me. I was good at faking it. As we grew older, we still fight most of the time. Although we were 6 years apart, yet we still fight all the time. He used to help me with my school homework, although it was very annoying when he said I was stupid. He was always there for me, my chaffeur, driving me around to places when I needed a ride. He was very good in directions, and he knew all the places in KL. He left so suddenly, I never ever had a chance to tell him that I love him or give him a hug. We never say I love you to each other in my family, or do hugs. I know now that although we always fight, I do love him very much and still dream of him most of the time. Those childhood days will not be forgotten, those help I got from him, everything that he did. He used to call me almost everyday after work, to check if I was still hungry, if I needed food. I will never find another brother like him. He his the best brother that I ever had, we shared a lot of secrets and gossip together. I am proud of him to be my brother and I do love him more than I ever know. I hope he is in better place now and I will meet him again someday, somewhere. Thank you for giving me those wonderful memories.

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