Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Very bad day, so far

Have you ever have a day so bad you felt like doing nothing but crying? This morning, my little boy woke up so early, as usual. He wouldn't co-operate, doesn't want to put on the diaper, or any clothes, took me forever to get him ready. I was all tired by then (not forgetting carrying extra 25 lbs with me)

I made some rice noodles ( cheung fun) from rice flour, my first attempt, first few was alright, but my little boy threw tantrum and ruin my mood, and food of course. The rest of them ended up in the garbage. He threw his food all over the floor, hence more work for me to do after.

All he wants was fruits, mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, blueberries, told him he had enough but enough is not enough for him. I am really exhausted at this point. I made some buns but it didn't rise, not sure what's wrong but my buns so ugly.. sigh...

We went out to the mall, had to get Harry Potter Clue for my nephew, looked everywhere for it, but they do not have it, not even online! My credit card bill came, and it was a big surprise how much I actually spent! OMG, $600 just for groceries? And worse of all, I felt that I was being ripped off, one bill was charged $74++ when it was suppose to be $66, because it was a tax free day, but I still get charged for the tax. And of course very unfortunately, the receipt is gone, in the gabage dump.. I have no proof for it.

Everything just went wrong today, and it's not even noon yet.. I just felt like going back in my bed, cover up and cry.

Sob Sob.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby #2

I've been pretty busy lately, and having a lot of mood swings. I just get so moody and get annoyed so easily. Hubby's away for work again and being home alone with the naughty boy doesn't help much. I am just exhausted. I know it will be worse when this other one is born. We went for the ultrasound 2 weeks ago. Thank god it was a healthy baby.

This is my little baby's foot. The technician asked us if I wanted to find out the gender, or should we wait for hubby to come in to find out together, I said it will only be fair if we find out the same time. Unfortunately, the baby is very stubborn, she/he wouldn't change position. We tried emptying the bladder, walking around, turning left and right, and after 45 minutes, still won't move. Whenever I move, the baby move with me, the spinal facing up.

In the end, we did not get to find out the gender. The legs were very tightly crossed.. but he/she was playing with the toes, this is a picture of he/she grabbing the toes... Poor thing, it must be the only entertainment inside mommy's little tummy, but isn't it amazing how they can do so much even when they are so little?

The #1 was moving too much that the technician had a hard time taking a picture, and this time, he/she hardly moved at all, too comfy in that position. I got a feeling it's gonna be a girl, I might be wrong though. Most mommy told me how they can't find out their lil girl's gender and having the same problem, with the crossed legs.. well, keep my finger crossed. The doctor's sending me back for another ultrasound in 6-7 weeks~ Maybe we'll be able to find out then, or not.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School!

Today's the first day of the new school year. I didn't want to drive so I took him to the Literacy centre across the street. It was pretty busy, a lot of people eager to go back to school, mostly mommies and day care providers.

Noah was having fun with his shopping cart and going around shopping... and some younger kids always like to hang around with him, especially those without mommies with them, they were with their provider, and of course I felt that I had to watch them.

They are just over a year old, and basically being left by themselves, while the caregiver chat away with the others, as usual. I really can't stand seeing them putting small items in their mouth, as they can choke, and I kinda brought one over to the caregiver when I called her a couple times, and she ignored me.

The little girl was just about 1 year old, can't talk yet. She had 2 paint brushes, putting one with full of paint into her mouth and eating them. Her hands were full of paints.. and I can't stand watching it, so I took her over to the caregiver, and guess what she said? Ohh.. it's not a big deal, it's not the end of the world!

OMG, how irresponsible? I know she had 5 kids to watch but then can you at least watch the youngest one? I wouldn't want my kids to be eating paint and being ignored and keep eating them until somebody else saw it. Ghheeee... This is the reason I will never send why kids to daycare, I just can't trust them enough, they always show how nice and attentive they are when the parents are around. It is so fake!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooking is fun

I was feeling moody the past couple days. I realized that I can just direct my boredom to cooking and cleaning so I won't feel as lonely, just to keep me occupied. So I've been cooking again, and the problem is, I am only one person and Noah can't eat much. Hubby doesn't really eats everything that I make. I had to throw most leftovers out, such a waste. And I like to keep my food fresh. My dad sent me this rendang paste, it's so delicious. It's all ready made, I just need to add chicken in, but I added lemongrass, garlic and ginger just to make it taste even better.

I saw this scallop wrapper with bacon's picture in FB and I had to make it. I didn't eat much, only a couple bites, but Noah was really into it, he's smart, he knows it's expensive stuff, so he asked for more and more... he actually ate the rest of my scallops, it was too fishy for me anyway.

I had to make this radish cake to fry it, it's called kueh kak, a hokkien dish, like fried noodles as the picture shown below, just a different texture and flavour, they are both good.

I tried to make some buns using the sausages because we have 2 packets of it. I got sick of it after eating just 2 pieces, it was good just that I can't eat much of the same thing. It was in the garbage after a couple days.. wasted.

My mom used to make something like this crepe, she called it 'pok chang'. I call it banana crepe or thin pancake, of course she didn't add the banana in but hubby likes the banana flavour.

Tarragon chicken pasta, it's really healthy and tasty. One of Noah's favourite too.

The best buttermilk pancake. Also one of Noah's favourite, but it has to be fresh from the pan or he won't eat it.

My famous ribs, it melts in your mouth.. everybody loves this dish. It's so easy to make and simply delicious. You can check out the recipe from gastronormia.

2011 crop from my garden, soon to be made into jam/ grape jelly...

Potato salad, really wanted it last night, so I had to make it, but only ate a small portion of it, sigh who wants to share it with me? It's actually pretty good.

My cupcakes, without icing and less sugar. I don't like sugary stuff, and also Noah's favourite cupcake.

My chicken rice.. all cooked in the rice cooker..

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm stuck

I was so upset yesterday. I just re-realize again that how few friends I have over here. How lonely I can get sometimes. I really wanted to go out and do something but what can I do? Where can I go? Who can I hang out with? The answers are nothing, nowhere and no one.

I missed my old life. I missed those days when I can just stay in the hotel room whole day, order room service, and going to the pool when I feel like going to, or scroll around the place when I needed fresh air. Free, totally free.

I really don't know what to do with my life. A lot of people told me how jealous they are of my boring life... it is really that boring. I can't go anywhere, do anything. I feel like I'm being jailed, with a toddler bugging me all the time, and another one following soon. Sigh.. I want a break, I need fresh air.. freedom from my jail.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The first meeting

Today was a very special day. I met my #2 today. She looks like a he but I think she is a she. She's a lay back, relax kind of baby. The ultrasound didn't take longer than 15 mins. She was very cooperative, unlike Noah. Noah was moving all around my tummy, making it hard for the lady to get his measurements, he is still the same now. That's why I think this baby is going to be a good relaxing baby. She was just laying there, not moving much, well just a little bit when we were almost done, she was kinda waving her hands, just like what Noah used to do.

The most important part is, she doesn't has a flat nose like I do. I can see the nose. Hubby said he noticed too, because he said I worry too much about the flat nose.. haha. If she is not a she, he'll be a nice quiet baby ( I hope). One active baby is more than enough. It will be nice to get one that let me rest.

She is totally different. We can see all the parts of the body very clearly. Just about 13 weeks old and she has all parts of the body, with the heart beating so quickly, the little fingers wiggling... She/he is perfect... (I hope so) As long as she/he is healthy, she/he is my little perfect baby, doesn't matter about the flat nose. Doesn't matter if she is a he. She or he will be mine.. my darling #2

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food, more food

As you can see, I've been crazy cooking everyday. This is my favourite, and I've been asked many times for the recipe, so I will post the recipe to Gastronormia when I have the time. IT's really delicious.

Home made macaroni and cheese, healthy and Noah loves it.

Stir fried vege from my garden with egg tofu.

Cripsy fries, just the way I love it.
Tom yam bihun mee

Ceasar salad, from my garden as well...

Taro cake.

Noah ate my icecream!

Bacon wrapped scallop.

Bubur chacha

Mushroom risotto

Chee cheung fun with yamcake

Stir fry kailan (from my garden) with oyster sauce

Ayam Rendang

Kaya jam, Noah's favourite

Char kueh teow mee

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food attack!

Chicken marinade with tumeric powder, it's almost like chicken satay, I should have bought the peanut sauce, it would have been perfect with this.

Hubby usually doesn't like fish but he ate it, so I guess it's not bad after all. I wanted to eat sweet and sour fish so I had to make it. We had too much leftover, luckily Noah ate them for me. He doesn't like a lot of food but he ate these.

My mee rebus. It was not easy to make it, lots of work. My mom was telling me.. oh this is so easy to make... that is so simple.. but I never see she did any of them, and she gave a good excuse, she can get it anytime, anywhere why bother to cook? Lucky for her. It was pretty good, not as good as the one from my hometown but definitely better than a lot of the stalls.
I really wanted wonton noodle, it has to be this way, dried, not the soup. I made the wonton to go with the noodles. Bought some roasted duck and pork too. Had to go all the way to Toronto to get all my stuff.. but it was worth it. Now I have a fridge full of foodstuff, and hubby's not helping me to finish them.
Hubby didn't like mee rebus but he loves this mee goreng. I used the mee rebus sauce and fried it with tofu, cucur udang, potatoes and beansprout. It was delicious!
My grandma used to make something like this dish. She cut them into pieces, except she didn't put zucchini and eggs. I missed this dish and I had to make it.. It's healthy food anyway.

I've been eating lots of fruits. Cold fruits makes me feel good. This is only like 30% of what I eat a day, for fruits.
I finally got my chicken feet. I was going to make braised chicken feet with peanuts but this is as good, when you dip it with soy sauce. I made a big pot of soup with roast pig's bones I got yesterday, with the chicken feet, peanut, poatoes and carrots. It's really tasty. I'm going to use the rest of the soup and make porridge tomorrow, to eat with my yau char kueh.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food of the week

I used to have this all the time, congee. I love it with century eggs, and salted egg, but unfortunately I cannot eat preserved food, not suppose to anyway (but I ate pickle, just not the other stuff)
I made this for dinner on the weekend when my in laws were here. Fried noodles was one of the favourites. I really wanted to eat fried calamari, so I made fried wontons, and fried sweet potatoes for them too... no more greasy food.
I was trying to make curry puffs but I haven't got the recipe from my friend. I've been asking her for over 5 years, I think I'm giving up on her recipes, so I tried other recipes but it wasn't as good. My pastry was too thick. It was still edible, not bad for first time, but it can be a lot better. The egg tart, I tried to use puff pastry but it was too thick too, and you don't get as much egg custard this way. I prefer the egg tart shell.
Had to make this Thai Mango Salad. I found the recipe from my cookbook. It's actually pretty good. I wish I have cuttlefish to add in it.. yummy..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egg tart

Food of the day, egg tart. I always wanted to make egg tarts but I always think it's difficult. I didn't know you can get ready made tart shell. My friend gave me this blog site, My little corner, she has so many great recipes and I am going to try her recipes. I got the custard's recipe and the idea from her. Her family must be so lucky because she can make so many different foods.

The egg tart actually turn out pretty good. I had 12, gave 4 to the next door neighbour and 4 to the other neighbour down the street, the only Chinese around here. I brought the pork knuckles too, I couldn't finish them and usually other races do not eat this dish, and I do nto want to waste my effort, so I have to share. I love sharing my food. I'm going to get the puff pastry the next time and make portuguese egg tart. Yummy...

My next project will be dried meat, and curry puff, maybe on the weekend when I have more help. Noah hasn't been sleeping well again last night, he woke up from 11.15pm and stayed until after 1, but I had to put him to bed, I had enough, I was too tired, so I just let him cry and I fell asleep soon after. I was seriously very tired.

This afternoon he had a 3 hours nap! I got at least 1.5 hours too. I guess we are both so tired. Hubby's coming home tonight, he's going to be late, but at least he'll be home, and I can get another pair of hand. I hope he got enough rest when he was away. I always tell him how lucky he is to be able to get away for work, it's like a vacation.

Sorry dear baby, mommy has been eating those oily knuckles (and some other unhealthy food).. I'm done with it, I only eat a couple bites of each things I made and I do not feel like eating it anymore, it's more like to get a taste to satisfy my craving.. all that effort, only a couple bites ended up in my mouth. I'm not sure if this is my left brain's fault or the baby's brain fault.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am so proud of me. I made this Hainan Chicken rice. It's actually pretty good! My first time and it turn out well. It doesn't really look that great but the rice is actually so fragrant, and tasty. The chicken is just cooked right, not too cook, or bloody. It's just perfect. It made the whole house smells so good. Unfortunately hubby is not here to share with me, I gave a big bowl to my neighbour and I still have 75% of the food left!

This is what I am cooking right now. I am not sure how well it turns out but it does smells so nice. I love the aroma or the vinegar, I love anything sour. I think I am in love with FOOD. I went to buy the pork knuckles and black vinegar and my friend gave me her mom's recipe, and a blog with the recipe too, so I'm trying it out. And if you like spicy, you can add dried chili.

I have to cook it right now because I don't know how busy I get with Noah around. He can be quite clingy. He didn't sleep from 12-330, and of course I don't get to sleep either. I only managed to fall asleep at 430am and he woke up at 7.11! And only 1 hour afternoon nap! Yes, I am very tired now, but I somehow don't feel like sleeping yet, probably because I've been eating too much and too pump up, cooking.

I found another recipe for egg tarts, I am going to get the pastry tomorrow and make some egg tarts. I am gonna be busy cooking everyday. Egg tarts and shrimp crackers tomorrow.. followed by curry puffs, vadei.. and whatever else the day after.. I will cross you all off my list!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The List

1. Unagi-don
2. Hainan/Hailam Chicken Rice
3. Karipuff/ samosa
4. Masala Vadei
5. Vinegar Pork Leg
6. Yam cake/ radish cake
7. Thai Mango Salad
8. Orange Chicken
9. Fried Lala
10. Kang kung belacan
11. sweet and sour fried fish
12. Pho noodle soup
13. Fried bean curd
14. Baked siew pau
15. Egg tart
16. Fried calamari
17. Mee goreng mamak
18. Rice dumpling
19. Tau fu fa
20. yau char kueh..
21. McDonalds
will be added soon....

Items crossed off the list
1. Nasi Lemak
2. Roti Canai
3. Green curry
4. Fried spring roll
5. Nuggets
6. Curly fries
7. Sour plums
8. Peanut butter and jelly
9. Phad Thai
10. Shrimp & Scallop Alfredo linguine
11. Boston Clam chowder
12. Cherry
13. Char siew pau
14. Ice cream
15. Vege feet " choy keok"
16. Luncheon meat

there's maybe more but I forgot..

Sigh.. how am I ever going to eat all these stuff, and why is it bothering me?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been having hundreds or cravings lately. One of them is this nasi lemak. It's actually very simple to make. All you need is rice, cooked with coconut milk, and eat it with good curry chicken, fried anchovies and peanuts, and hard boiled egg. Usually it comes with sambal, shrimp chili paste thing, but I didn't have the paste so I didn't make it. My parents sent me a box of foodstuff, and luckily it just came a couple days before. At least I can cross out an item from my craving list
This is roti canai, or Singaporean calls it roti pratha. It's quite fattening, had to use a lot of ghee. We usually eat this for breakfast, usually made my southern Indian people. They are like pancakes, but a lot better than pancakes. You can dip it in curry or just eat it with brown sugar, it's one of my favourite breakfast. I craved for this for almost 2 years now, I bugged hubby many times to help me do it because I don't know how to flip it, you have to make it paper thin, it wasn't eat, but at last we made it, practise makes perfect.. It's not really 100% perfect but I'll give it a 95% :) Another item crossed off my list.. yay!