Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been having hundreds or cravings lately. One of them is this nasi lemak. It's actually very simple to make. All you need is rice, cooked with coconut milk, and eat it with good curry chicken, fried anchovies and peanuts, and hard boiled egg. Usually it comes with sambal, shrimp chili paste thing, but I didn't have the paste so I didn't make it. My parents sent me a box of foodstuff, and luckily it just came a couple days before. At least I can cross out an item from my craving list
This is roti canai, or Singaporean calls it roti pratha. It's quite fattening, had to use a lot of ghee. We usually eat this for breakfast, usually made my southern Indian people. They are like pancakes, but a lot better than pancakes. You can dip it in curry or just eat it with brown sugar, it's one of my favourite breakfast. I craved for this for almost 2 years now, I bugged hubby many times to help me do it because I don't know how to flip it, you have to make it paper thin, it wasn't eat, but at last we made it, practise makes perfect.. It's not really 100% perfect but I'll give it a 95% :) Another item crossed off my list.. yay!

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