Saturday, July 16, 2011


We went to Marineland yesterday. I've been taking Noah there 3 times a week sometimes. He really likes it there, and I don't know where else to take him because his favourite now is "outside", anywhere but inside.

We went to watch the whale. I was told that you will get wet, but I didn't know that you get really wet! I was not very close to the water and yet I got soaking wet. The picture was the first splash, it was worse the second time. I was at the far back, just put Noah in his stroller and ready to leave, and then comes the grande finale with the big splash, and the whole stroller got hit pretty bad. It wasn't that bad actually because it was such a hot day, we got dried off soon enough.
This is Noah's favourite ride. He just barely reached the minimum height. He really loves going to all the rides, sometimes he cries when I tried to put him back in the stroller, he wanted to go back again. He's such an adventurous boy. Just 18 months old and went for uncountable roller coasters rides already, my nephew is 6 and he is afraid to go on the rides!

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