Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egg tart

Food of the day, egg tart. I always wanted to make egg tarts but I always think it's difficult. I didn't know you can get ready made tart shell. My friend gave me this blog site, My little corner, she has so many great recipes and I am going to try her recipes. I got the custard's recipe and the idea from her. Her family must be so lucky because she can make so many different foods.

The egg tart actually turn out pretty good. I had 12, gave 4 to the next door neighbour and 4 to the other neighbour down the street, the only Chinese around here. I brought the pork knuckles too, I couldn't finish them and usually other races do not eat this dish, and I do nto want to waste my effort, so I have to share. I love sharing my food. I'm going to get the puff pastry the next time and make portuguese egg tart. Yummy...

My next project will be dried meat, and curry puff, maybe on the weekend when I have more help. Noah hasn't been sleeping well again last night, he woke up from 11.15pm and stayed until after 1, but I had to put him to bed, I had enough, I was too tired, so I just let him cry and I fell asleep soon after. I was seriously very tired.

This afternoon he had a 3 hours nap! I got at least 1.5 hours too. I guess we are both so tired. Hubby's coming home tonight, he's going to be late, but at least he'll be home, and I can get another pair of hand. I hope he got enough rest when he was away. I always tell him how lucky he is to be able to get away for work, it's like a vacation.

Sorry dear baby, mommy has been eating those oily knuckles (and some other unhealthy food).. I'm done with it, I only eat a couple bites of each things I made and I do not feel like eating it anymore, it's more like to get a taste to satisfy my craving.. all that effort, only a couple bites ended up in my mouth. I'm not sure if this is my left brain's fault or the baby's brain fault.

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