Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food of the week

I used to have this all the time, congee. I love it with century eggs, and salted egg, but unfortunately I cannot eat preserved food, not suppose to anyway (but I ate pickle, just not the other stuff)
I made this for dinner on the weekend when my in laws were here. Fried noodles was one of the favourites. I really wanted to eat fried calamari, so I made fried wontons, and fried sweet potatoes for them too... no more greasy food.
I was trying to make curry puffs but I haven't got the recipe from my friend. I've been asking her for over 5 years, I think I'm giving up on her recipes, so I tried other recipes but it wasn't as good. My pastry was too thick. It was still edible, not bad for first time, but it can be a lot better. The egg tart, I tried to use puff pastry but it was too thick too, and you don't get as much egg custard this way. I prefer the egg tart shell.
Had to make this Thai Mango Salad. I found the recipe from my cookbook. It's actually pretty good. I wish I have cuttlefish to add in it.. yummy..

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