Friday, August 19, 2011

The first meeting

Today was a very special day. I met my #2 today. She looks like a he but I think she is a she. She's a lay back, relax kind of baby. The ultrasound didn't take longer than 15 mins. She was very cooperative, unlike Noah. Noah was moving all around my tummy, making it hard for the lady to get his measurements, he is still the same now. That's why I think this baby is going to be a good relaxing baby. She was just laying there, not moving much, well just a little bit when we were almost done, she was kinda waving her hands, just like what Noah used to do.

The most important part is, she doesn't has a flat nose like I do. I can see the nose. Hubby said he noticed too, because he said I worry too much about the flat nose.. haha. If she is not a she, he'll be a nice quiet baby ( I hope). One active baby is more than enough. It will be nice to get one that let me rest.

She is totally different. We can see all the parts of the body very clearly. Just about 13 weeks old and she has all parts of the body, with the heart beating so quickly, the little fingers wiggling... She/he is perfect... (I hope so) As long as she/he is healthy, she/he is my little perfect baby, doesn't matter about the flat nose. Doesn't matter if she is a he. She or he will be mine.. my darling #2


  1. aunty melanie is looking forward to see #2 :D

  2. Thanks, please come and see soon :)