Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooking is fun

I was feeling moody the past couple days. I realized that I can just direct my boredom to cooking and cleaning so I won't feel as lonely, just to keep me occupied. So I've been cooking again, and the problem is, I am only one person and Noah can't eat much. Hubby doesn't really eats everything that I make. I had to throw most leftovers out, such a waste. And I like to keep my food fresh. My dad sent me this rendang paste, it's so delicious. It's all ready made, I just need to add chicken in, but I added lemongrass, garlic and ginger just to make it taste even better.

I saw this scallop wrapper with bacon's picture in FB and I had to make it. I didn't eat much, only a couple bites, but Noah was really into it, he's smart, he knows it's expensive stuff, so he asked for more and more... he actually ate the rest of my scallops, it was too fishy for me anyway.

I had to make this radish cake to fry it, it's called kueh kak, a hokkien dish, like fried noodles as the picture shown below, just a different texture and flavour, they are both good.

I tried to make some buns using the sausages because we have 2 packets of it. I got sick of it after eating just 2 pieces, it was good just that I can't eat much of the same thing. It was in the garbage after a couple days.. wasted.

My mom used to make something like this crepe, she called it 'pok chang'. I call it banana crepe or thin pancake, of course she didn't add the banana in but hubby likes the banana flavour.

Tarragon chicken pasta, it's really healthy and tasty. One of Noah's favourite too.

The best buttermilk pancake. Also one of Noah's favourite, but it has to be fresh from the pan or he won't eat it.

My famous ribs, it melts in your mouth.. everybody loves this dish. It's so easy to make and simply delicious. You can check out the recipe from gastronormia.

2011 crop from my garden, soon to be made into jam/ grape jelly...

Potato salad, really wanted it last night, so I had to make it, but only ate a small portion of it, sigh who wants to share it with me? It's actually pretty good.

My cupcakes, without icing and less sugar. I don't like sugary stuff, and also Noah's favourite cupcake.

My chicken rice.. all cooked in the rice cooker..

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