Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food attack!

Chicken marinade with tumeric powder, it's almost like chicken satay, I should have bought the peanut sauce, it would have been perfect with this.

Hubby usually doesn't like fish but he ate it, so I guess it's not bad after all. I wanted to eat sweet and sour fish so I had to make it. We had too much leftover, luckily Noah ate them for me. He doesn't like a lot of food but he ate these.

My mee rebus. It was not easy to make it, lots of work. My mom was telling me.. oh this is so easy to make... that is so simple.. but I never see she did any of them, and she gave a good excuse, she can get it anytime, anywhere why bother to cook? Lucky for her. It was pretty good, not as good as the one from my hometown but definitely better than a lot of the stalls.
I really wanted wonton noodle, it has to be this way, dried, not the soup. I made the wonton to go with the noodles. Bought some roasted duck and pork too. Had to go all the way to Toronto to get all my stuff.. but it was worth it. Now I have a fridge full of foodstuff, and hubby's not helping me to finish them.
Hubby didn't like mee rebus but he loves this mee goreng. I used the mee rebus sauce and fried it with tofu, cucur udang, potatoes and beansprout. It was delicious!
My grandma used to make something like this dish. She cut them into pieces, except she didn't put zucchini and eggs. I missed this dish and I had to make it.. It's healthy food anyway.

I've been eating lots of fruits. Cold fruits makes me feel good. This is only like 30% of what I eat a day, for fruits.
I finally got my chicken feet. I was going to make braised chicken feet with peanuts but this is as good, when you dip it with soy sauce. I made a big pot of soup with roast pig's bones I got yesterday, with the chicken feet, peanut, poatoes and carrots. It's really tasty. I'm going to use the rest of the soup and make porridge tomorrow, to eat with my yau char kueh.

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