Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egg tart

Food of the day, egg tart. I always wanted to make egg tarts but I always think it's difficult. I didn't know you can get ready made tart shell. My friend gave me this blog site, My little corner, she has so many great recipes and I am going to try her recipes. I got the custard's recipe and the idea from her. Her family must be so lucky because she can make so many different foods.

The egg tart actually turn out pretty good. I had 12, gave 4 to the next door neighbour and 4 to the other neighbour down the street, the only Chinese around here. I brought the pork knuckles too, I couldn't finish them and usually other races do not eat this dish, and I do nto want to waste my effort, so I have to share. I love sharing my food. I'm going to get the puff pastry the next time and make portuguese egg tart. Yummy...

My next project will be dried meat, and curry puff, maybe on the weekend when I have more help. Noah hasn't been sleeping well again last night, he woke up from 11.15pm and stayed until after 1, but I had to put him to bed, I had enough, I was too tired, so I just let him cry and I fell asleep soon after. I was seriously very tired.

This afternoon he had a 3 hours nap! I got at least 1.5 hours too. I guess we are both so tired. Hubby's coming home tonight, he's going to be late, but at least he'll be home, and I can get another pair of hand. I hope he got enough rest when he was away. I always tell him how lucky he is to be able to get away for work, it's like a vacation.

Sorry dear baby, mommy has been eating those oily knuckles (and some other unhealthy food).. I'm done with it, I only eat a couple bites of each things I made and I do not feel like eating it anymore, it's more like to get a taste to satisfy my craving.. all that effort, only a couple bites ended up in my mouth. I'm not sure if this is my left brain's fault or the baby's brain fault.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am so proud of me. I made this Hainan Chicken rice. It's actually pretty good! My first time and it turn out well. It doesn't really look that great but the rice is actually so fragrant, and tasty. The chicken is just cooked right, not too cook, or bloody. It's just perfect. It made the whole house smells so good. Unfortunately hubby is not here to share with me, I gave a big bowl to my neighbour and I still have 75% of the food left!

This is what I am cooking right now. I am not sure how well it turns out but it does smells so nice. I love the aroma or the vinegar, I love anything sour. I think I am in love with FOOD. I went to buy the pork knuckles and black vinegar and my friend gave me her mom's recipe, and a blog with the recipe too, so I'm trying it out. And if you like spicy, you can add dried chili.

I have to cook it right now because I don't know how busy I get with Noah around. He can be quite clingy. He didn't sleep from 12-330, and of course I don't get to sleep either. I only managed to fall asleep at 430am and he woke up at 7.11! And only 1 hour afternoon nap! Yes, I am very tired now, but I somehow don't feel like sleeping yet, probably because I've been eating too much and too pump up, cooking.

I found another recipe for egg tarts, I am going to get the pastry tomorrow and make some egg tarts. I am gonna be busy cooking everyday. Egg tarts and shrimp crackers tomorrow.. followed by curry puffs, vadei.. and whatever else the day after.. I will cross you all off my list!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The List

1. Unagi-don
2. Hainan/Hailam Chicken Rice
3. Karipuff/ samosa
4. Masala Vadei
5. Vinegar Pork Leg
6. Yam cake/ radish cake
7. Thai Mango Salad
8. Orange Chicken
9. Fried Lala
10. Kang kung belacan
11. sweet and sour fried fish
12. Pho noodle soup
13. Fried bean curd
14. Baked siew pau
15. Egg tart
16. Fried calamari
17. Mee goreng mamak
18. Rice dumpling
19. Tau fu fa
20. yau char kueh..
21. McDonalds
will be added soon....

Items crossed off the list
1. Nasi Lemak
2. Roti Canai
3. Green curry
4. Fried spring roll
5. Nuggets
6. Curly fries
7. Sour plums
8. Peanut butter and jelly
9. Phad Thai
10. Shrimp & Scallop Alfredo linguine
11. Boston Clam chowder
12. Cherry
13. Char siew pau
14. Ice cream
15. Vege feet " choy keok"
16. Luncheon meat

there's maybe more but I forgot..

Sigh.. how am I ever going to eat all these stuff, and why is it bothering me?

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been having hundreds or cravings lately. One of them is this nasi lemak. It's actually very simple to make. All you need is rice, cooked with coconut milk, and eat it with good curry chicken, fried anchovies and peanuts, and hard boiled egg. Usually it comes with sambal, shrimp chili paste thing, but I didn't have the paste so I didn't make it. My parents sent me a box of foodstuff, and luckily it just came a couple days before. At least I can cross out an item from my craving list
This is roti canai, or Singaporean calls it roti pratha. It's quite fattening, had to use a lot of ghee. We usually eat this for breakfast, usually made my southern Indian people. They are like pancakes, but a lot better than pancakes. You can dip it in curry or just eat it with brown sugar, it's one of my favourite breakfast. I craved for this for almost 2 years now, I bugged hubby many times to help me do it because I don't know how to flip it, you have to make it paper thin, it wasn't eat, but at last we made it, practise makes perfect.. It's not really 100% perfect but I'll give it a 95% :) Another item crossed off my list.. yay!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


We went to Marineland yesterday. I've been taking Noah there 3 times a week sometimes. He really likes it there, and I don't know where else to take him because his favourite now is "outside", anywhere but inside.

We went to watch the whale. I was told that you will get wet, but I didn't know that you get really wet! I was not very close to the water and yet I got soaking wet. The picture was the first splash, it was worse the second time. I was at the far back, just put Noah in his stroller and ready to leave, and then comes the grande finale with the big splash, and the whole stroller got hit pretty bad. It wasn't that bad actually because it was such a hot day, we got dried off soon enough.
This is Noah's favourite ride. He just barely reached the minimum height. He really loves going to all the rides, sometimes he cries when I tried to put him back in the stroller, he wanted to go back again. He's such an adventurous boy. Just 18 months old and went for uncountable roller coasters rides already, my nephew is 6 and he is afraid to go on the rides!


Cravings are bad. Very bad. We went to Red Lobster's for lunch today. I had the $18 specials, for a 4 course meal, it wasn't too bad, except in America, you only pay $15 for the same stuff, and the $C is now stronger than the USD. I had clam chowder, something that I really like, my all time favourite, and then ceasar salad, and Alfredo linguini, with shrimp and scallop, yummy, those were all my favourites.

Of course I couldn't finish them all. It was a large portion, especially now that I only can eat less than 10 bites per serving. Thanks for controlling my diet, Noah #2. I had this other big crazy craving. I had to eat it. I was craving for a dish my mom used to cook. It's call "choy keok" in Cantonese ( Vege Feet). It's actually just a mixture of all the leftovers, and you cook it like a big stew just put all unwanted leftovers, and it will turn out so yummy. It's sour and spicy, the way I like my food right now.

So I finally gave in, and make my big pot of stew leftovers. I put my whole leftover roast chicken I had from yesterday's dinner, 1 can of beans, some dhal lentils, some lettuce from my garden ( had too much of them anyway) and some anchovy soup I made the day before. It wasn't as nice as the one my mom made but, it does make me not to crave it anymore, the only problem is, what am I going to do with the remaining whole pot of vege feet?

Hubby's gone partying, with my permission. He's entitled to have fun once awhile, but when it's my turn, I will do the same... but when is my turn going to come? In another 2 years? Sigh...

Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

I've got cravings, lots of them. I wanted to eat nuggets...and then cake...and then cherries.. and it never ends. I had my nuggets.. and luncheon ham with beans. And I had a lot of fruits, cold fruits makes me feel better. Sour fruits especially.

I've been taking it easy. I do not chase him as much anymore, just let him free. If I do not chase him, he will not run as far. So I might as well just sit and wait for him to come back. It has been so hot lately. I've been hybernating in the basement, it's so much cooler there. I moved all his toys, and clean the room, now's it's almost like heaven for me. If only hubby can fix it a bit better, maybe with a fresh coat of paint, and new carpeting, it will be perfect.. and not forgetting a new bathroom too, I need to pee all the time.

We went to visit little Ryan 2 days ago. He's so tiny. I almost forgot how tiny they were when they are newborn. Noah didn't seem to be jealous at all, but I am not sure how it will be with the new one in a couple months.. maybe 7.

I've been thinking again, if it's gonna be a girl or boy. How strange my neighbour told me that I must wanted a boy because that's what all Asian wants, they always want boys. Some even told me your in laws must be so happy to got a boy the first time. They are quite sexist I think. Well, at least I am very sure they do not know me and my family well enough. I've gotten a lot of pressure to get a girl. Every single person (except Noah) in the family wants a girl.

I started imagine a little girl with bang(they call in fringe in m'sia) at the front... and I'll have matching hairstyle, and dresses.. how cute. I'll even let her use my C bags.. I always wanted a sister to share my stuff with.. Well, I've been giving away most of my C bags to my family, now I do not really have that many left...and another good news, I haven't been tempted to buy anything anymore, although I still like shopping..

In fact I just got my new passport, and I told hubby to celebrate, I want to go cross the border, shopping!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th,2011

Omg, omg, I do not want to get pregnant again, ever! This is not going to be an easy one. I remembered it was way lot better the last time. At least I didn't have back pain ALL the time, and feel nausea every seconds.. or breathless.. or have those stupid chest pains.

Or maybe I just think it is different, because I want it to be a different one this time? Whatever it is, I am not enjoying it. I was cleaning the basement, and I got so dizzy. I took him outside, and I had to lay on the grass because my whole body was aching.. and I can't catch up to him.. I am such a disaster.

I am also craving for foods all the time, and when I finally get them, I either can't eat much or it doesn't taste as good as I remembered. I wanted cake when I saw somebody eating cake on TV. I wanted cheezie junk food, but it didn't taste like the one I like actually it made me feel worse. And my last craving is nuggets. I really need nuggets. I have to get it tomorrow.

Noah has been..very loving. He has been going to the neighbour's house everyday, just walk into the house like it's his home, and climb onto the couch and start getting comfy. And then give the granddaughter (she's 8) a big hug and kisses... and start flirting with her. They start young don't they? He is into hugging and kissing lately.. sometimes my whole face gets so wet.. from his wet kisses and sometimes he is trying to kiss me in the lips! It's sure ackward, but he must be copying whatever he was observing.

He's still a quite handful, I hope this other one will be easier but so far, it hasn't been easy.. and I still do not get any help from anybody. I hope I have somebody at least to help me watch him. I am just so tired...all the time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby's Journal

While I secretly wish that it's going to be a girl this time, I kept telling people, it doesn't matter. I even jokingly told them than it's going to be twin boys, just like in the novel "Something Blue" Darcy wanted a girl so bad, in the end she got twin boys instead.

I dare not have any hopes on anything, because I do not want to get disappointed. So what if it's another boy, even when I really want a girl? Even when I want to dress her up like a doll, tie her hair, braid the hair.. I know that I'm always not as lucky and do not always get what I wish for, so I better not wish for a girl this time.

I browsed through the baby gender websites, and usually it doesn't work. I hit on the button and it told me it's a girl, but it was a girl for Noah too, so it's definitely wrong, but Noah was a special baby, he was born early, so I am not sure if it will change anything.

I feel so so so sick. It's not easy when you have a 18 months old ( going to be 19 mths soon) running around, and you have to watch and catch him all the time. I got pretty stressed, and I almost didn't want the pregnancy. It's tough. I had a meltdown when I told hubby I am so tired, and he asked me to go to the gym. He doesn't understand! I wonder if any guys does understand.

While all I needed was to lie down on my back and get a little rest, he asked me to go work out. He said I will feel better. No, I won't feel better, I'll only feel worse. Enough chasing the little toddler around the backyard, and front yard..everywhere I mean, when I needed a rest, he asked me to do more workout? He definitely do not understand that a pregnant woman needs her rest! Not more work!

Anyway I think he got my message and he had the little boy for the weekend while I just sat back and relaxed, and had my day off (from Noah). I still had to clean and cook but at least it's a nice break for me. I think I am getting too much of Noah sometimes. I wonder if it will get worse, still have 7 more months to go and I'm getting all stressed and tired, and my back hurts all the time..

Only 7 more months to go...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's summer, and it's the busiest time of the year again. We got lots of visitors, lots of things going on.. and lots of updates, which I do not have time to write. I have so much to write in my little diary here but by the end of the day, I am just so glad to be in the bed.
Noah's growing up so fast, just like the weeds in my garden. As usual, he won't stay in the house, anywhere but in the house. Sometimes I think he is very stubborn but I do not know what to do with him. He doesn't listen!
We went to my in law's house on the weekend, and we stopped by a service centre on the way back, and he bump into an older woman, and she gave me a dirty look. I wonder what kind of people give dirty look because a child bump into her.. really annoying.

Well.. bed time.. write later