Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am so proud of me. I made this Hainan Chicken rice. It's actually pretty good! My first time and it turn out well. It doesn't really look that great but the rice is actually so fragrant, and tasty. The chicken is just cooked right, not too cook, or bloody. It's just perfect. It made the whole house smells so good. Unfortunately hubby is not here to share with me, I gave a big bowl to my neighbour and I still have 75% of the food left!

This is what I am cooking right now. I am not sure how well it turns out but it does smells so nice. I love the aroma or the vinegar, I love anything sour. I think I am in love with FOOD. I went to buy the pork knuckles and black vinegar and my friend gave me her mom's recipe, and a blog with the recipe too, so I'm trying it out. And if you like spicy, you can add dried chili.

I have to cook it right now because I don't know how busy I get with Noah around. He can be quite clingy. He didn't sleep from 12-330, and of course I don't get to sleep either. I only managed to fall asleep at 430am and he woke up at 7.11! And only 1 hour afternoon nap! Yes, I am very tired now, but I somehow don't feel like sleeping yet, probably because I've been eating too much and too pump up, cooking.

I found another recipe for egg tarts, I am going to get the pastry tomorrow and make some egg tarts. I am gonna be busy cooking everyday. Egg tarts and shrimp crackers tomorrow.. followed by curry puffs, vadei.. and whatever else the day after.. I will cross you all off my list!

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