Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

I've got cravings, lots of them. I wanted to eat nuggets...and then cake...and then cherries.. and it never ends. I had my nuggets.. and luncheon ham with beans. And I had a lot of fruits, cold fruits makes me feel better. Sour fruits especially.

I've been taking it easy. I do not chase him as much anymore, just let him free. If I do not chase him, he will not run as far. So I might as well just sit and wait for him to come back. It has been so hot lately. I've been hybernating in the basement, it's so much cooler there. I moved all his toys, and clean the room, now's it's almost like heaven for me. If only hubby can fix it a bit better, maybe with a fresh coat of paint, and new carpeting, it will be perfect.. and not forgetting a new bathroom too, I need to pee all the time.

We went to visit little Ryan 2 days ago. He's so tiny. I almost forgot how tiny they were when they are newborn. Noah didn't seem to be jealous at all, but I am not sure how it will be with the new one in a couple months.. maybe 7.

I've been thinking again, if it's gonna be a girl or boy. How strange my neighbour told me that I must wanted a boy because that's what all Asian wants, they always want boys. Some even told me your in laws must be so happy to got a boy the first time. They are quite sexist I think. Well, at least I am very sure they do not know me and my family well enough. I've gotten a lot of pressure to get a girl. Every single person (except Noah) in the family wants a girl.

I started imagine a little girl with bang(they call in fringe in m'sia) at the front... and I'll have matching hairstyle, and dresses.. how cute. I'll even let her use my C bags.. I always wanted a sister to share my stuff with.. Well, I've been giving away most of my C bags to my family, now I do not really have that many left...and another good news, I haven't been tempted to buy anything anymore, although I still like shopping..

In fact I just got my new passport, and I told hubby to celebrate, I want to go cross the border, shopping!

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