Saturday, July 16, 2011


Cravings are bad. Very bad. We went to Red Lobster's for lunch today. I had the $18 specials, for a 4 course meal, it wasn't too bad, except in America, you only pay $15 for the same stuff, and the $C is now stronger than the USD. I had clam chowder, something that I really like, my all time favourite, and then ceasar salad, and Alfredo linguini, with shrimp and scallop, yummy, those were all my favourites.

Of course I couldn't finish them all. It was a large portion, especially now that I only can eat less than 10 bites per serving. Thanks for controlling my diet, Noah #2. I had this other big crazy craving. I had to eat it. I was craving for a dish my mom used to cook. It's call "choy keok" in Cantonese ( Vege Feet). It's actually just a mixture of all the leftovers, and you cook it like a big stew just put all unwanted leftovers, and it will turn out so yummy. It's sour and spicy, the way I like my food right now.

So I finally gave in, and make my big pot of stew leftovers. I put my whole leftover roast chicken I had from yesterday's dinner, 1 can of beans, some dhal lentils, some lettuce from my garden ( had too much of them anyway) and some anchovy soup I made the day before. It wasn't as nice as the one my mom made but, it does make me not to crave it anymore, the only problem is, what am I going to do with the remaining whole pot of vege feet?

Hubby's gone partying, with my permission. He's entitled to have fun once awhile, but when it's my turn, I will do the same... but when is my turn going to come? In another 2 years? Sigh...

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