Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th,2011

Omg, omg, I do not want to get pregnant again, ever! This is not going to be an easy one. I remembered it was way lot better the last time. At least I didn't have back pain ALL the time, and feel nausea every seconds.. or breathless.. or have those stupid chest pains.

Or maybe I just think it is different, because I want it to be a different one this time? Whatever it is, I am not enjoying it. I was cleaning the basement, and I got so dizzy. I took him outside, and I had to lay on the grass because my whole body was aching.. and I can't catch up to him.. I am such a disaster.

I am also craving for foods all the time, and when I finally get them, I either can't eat much or it doesn't taste as good as I remembered. I wanted cake when I saw somebody eating cake on TV. I wanted cheezie junk food, but it didn't taste like the one I like actually it made me feel worse. And my last craving is nuggets. I really need nuggets. I have to get it tomorrow.

Noah has been..very loving. He has been going to the neighbour's house everyday, just walk into the house like it's his home, and climb onto the couch and start getting comfy. And then give the granddaughter (she's 8) a big hug and kisses... and start flirting with her. They start young don't they? He is into hugging and kissing lately.. sometimes my whole face gets so wet.. from his wet kisses and sometimes he is trying to kiss me in the lips! It's sure ackward, but he must be copying whatever he was observing.

He's still a quite handful, I hope this other one will be easier but so far, it hasn't been easy.. and I still do not get any help from anybody. I hope I have somebody at least to help me watch him. I am just so tired...all the time.

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