Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A bad week for me

I have been feeling very down lately, and NO, I am not pregnant. I had my period ok. I was overtired and got dizzy, almost couldn't make it to the car from Walmart. Luckily hubby was there, imagine how bad it would have been if it was just me and Noah.

I got some rest, and felt better. It was bad combination of not enough sleep, whiney baby, and stress. I have test coming up, on Monday. I lost lots of blood, it's a bad month this time. And I couldn't sleep at night.... and also hubby's gone working again... just me and the baby for now.

Sometimes I just need to be left alone, and rest. Thank you all for your concern, but some people they just don't get it, to NOT bug me. The same person has been inviting me to her home weekly, and she still didn't get it that I do NOT want to go to her house. SIGH. I just needed rest, and to be left alone. I'm just tired.

Anyway, thank you for watching the videos. That is really great, and helpful. I will have to post some pictures of my little prince soon. He is growing up too fast. He can utter a few words, like ball, banana, and his favourite sentence is " where did it go?" and he has to have both hands up when he says it.. he is such a cutie.. he drives me crazy, yet I love him more than so much.

Gotta get some rest while I can..
signing off.

Monday, March 28, 2011

For My Brother, Alex

I was reading about Canada, for my coming test 4th of April, and I thought of my dead brother Alex. Sir John Alexander MacDonald was the first Prime Minister in Canada, was also borned on the same day my brother, on January 11th. The flashback of my brother came back to me last night. I have been avoiding talking about him most of the time. Last night, the memory came back. I remember when I was young, I used to like to pull his pants. I was very naughty. I used to fight with him all the time, and cry when I lost, because I know mom will blame him for bullying me. I was good at faking it. As we grew older, we still fight most of the time. Although we were 6 years apart, yet we still fight all the time. He used to help me with my school homework, although it was very annoying when he said I was stupid. He was always there for me, my chaffeur, driving me around to places when I needed a ride. He was very good in directions, and he knew all the places in KL. He left so suddenly, I never ever had a chance to tell him that I love him or give him a hug. We never say I love you to each other in my family, or do hugs. I know now that although we always fight, I do love him very much and still dream of him most of the time. Those childhood days will not be forgotten, those help I got from him, everything that he did. He used to call me almost everyday after work, to check if I was still hungry, if I needed food. I will never find another brother like him. He his the best brother that I ever had, we shared a lot of secrets and gossip together. I am proud of him to be my brother and I do love him more than I ever know. I hope he is in better place now and I will meet him again someday, somewhere. Thank you for giving me those wonderful memories.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey Mr Postman, where is my mail?!

Today I am complaining about bad Malaysian Postal services. Recently I've sent the wristlets home, for my sis in law, my mom and my aunty. It is suppose to be there in 2 weeks time, but 3 weeks has passed and still not there yet. Everybody is getting worried about it, it's not cheap. The wristlets were $100 and it cost $18 to post.

They do have insurance coverage up to $100 but there's a lot of procedures and you have to write to them, give them proof and wait. How am I going to get the proof that my brother never receive the parcel? Ghheee.... I do hope that he gets it soon so I do not have to go thru all those trouble.

This is not the first time that my mail never get delivered. That is why everybody is worried. I sent my atm card back once and it was lost forever. The postmen are well known for not being honest. A lot of things gone missing. I wonder how those kinda people can live their lives. I wish everybody should just do their part, and not be greedy. Taking other's people belonging, or not doing their duty is a crime. I hope they know that a place called hell exist.

Now I think I am just mad. I wonder if I can write to somebody with higher position in the M'sian postal company that can do something about it, but he probably is the same kinda people. Well, nothing that I can do now. Signing off.. goodnight

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just as I thought winter was over, it snowed again today. Spring started at 7.22pm on Sunday, it was "warmer", but today, the ground was covered with 4 inches of snow. Well, at least there's something good that comes out of it, it will help produce more maple syrup. We went to the maple syrup farm and bought a large bottle of maple syrup, 2 litres. According to the maker, she said it's this kinda crazy weather that helps produce the syrup, well we have something to be grateful for this crazy weather now.

I wasn't very happy yesterday. Remember about the cake? The very nice cake that my friend is selling? While I was trying to help promote her cake, she denied that she wants to sell them! Yesterday at school, we were talking about how good her cake was, and the teacher asked if she is starting to sell them.. and she denied! She was saying something about a lot of work, this and that. Imagine how bad it made me look, like I am lying or something.

I was helping her, trying to get others to try her cake, and get orders for her, and there she goes denying it, how nice! I'm really tired of helping others, especially when you are not appreciated, now it makes me look like I am the one who force her to sell. That's not all it, she thinks it's so much work that she has to charge $40-45 a cake.. well, who's gonna buy a cake for so much money? Now there'll be less work for me to do, I am NOT helping anymore!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The end of winter

Dear Mr Diary,

I am so proud of me. I took my MIL to the C store, found a very nice inexpensive purse, and not buy it. My MIL of course bought it, because it's REALLY NICE and only about $50, looks something like the picture. It's really pretty and it's a nice colour... and it makes nice dinner shoulder bag but I managed to resist my temptation to get it. I just have to do it for the rest of the 10 years.. or maybe sooner.

We had a party for hubby last weekend. I am now very tired. I cooked a lot of food, as usual, but I think my food is not up to par. My friend made a birthday cake for hubby. I encouraged her to sell cakes, because she was looking for a job as a side income, and she bakes very good stuff... good healthy stuff. I was her first customer and the cake was REALLY GOOD. I think she spent a lot of time decorating it. I'm so proud of her, such a good baker, a talented one too.

Noah was having too much fun with the kids. They had a great time, but Noah woke up at 2.30 and cried like crazy. I think he had too much fun, and had nightmares. He's back to normal now, but poor mommy, didn't get much sleep for the whole week. Mommy's gonna get cranky.. off to bed.
Signing off,
tired mom

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The End of The Shopaholic Me

I bought a jacket that looked like this last week, except that mine's leather and not so shiny. I haven't got a chance to wear it yet, but I like staring at it. It's a XXXS size! Can you believe XS was still big on me, and the only other size was XXXS. I returned that Python bag and got this jacket instead. I think it's a good exchange, and not it's no C jacket. C will probably cost me more and I do not like their jackets.

I've been thinking for the past couple days, that I really want to get the LV bag after all. I will try to stop buying C. I can do it. This will be my very last bag, a nice good bag to end my bagaholic illness.

Years ago, I do not buy any brand names. I live a simple life. I do not know when I started buying brand names. Perhaps it's the temptation because of the close proximity to the outlet here. I should really STOP being a shopaholic, I have to at least try. I will have to end it in a nice fashion though, what's better than a LV bag right? Yes, I'm gonna do it. If, I pass by the store.. I will get it.. regardless what hubby says.. I'm getting it

Monday, March 14, 2011

Am I Bagaholic?

I didn't sleep much last night. I was looking at the clock, every hour, and the last time before I finally doze off, was 4.22am, and I got up after 7. So how many hours did I manage to sleep? Figure it out..

I might have been too excited about the trip to Hawaii, or shopping (that I secretly wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton bag really bad and can't tell my hubby about it) or worrying about the bag that was returned and has not arrived yet.

Well, at least the worrying part is over. I got the bag back today. It was alright, but I wonder what kinda people fold a $400 bag into 2 and ship it back in a shoe box, she shouldn't have to fold it, the box was big enough to lay it down flat. She must have really hated it. Anyway that problem is over, finally.

We are going to Hawaii, in less than 2 months. I really wanted to go to Hawaii. I've always watched Hawaii in TV, and postcards, that's like the only place that I really want to go and haven't been to. And when hubby asked me where I want to go, of course I said HAWAII!

I was checking about Hawaii and I found out that it's a tax free place! I eyed a LV bag for a long time, and regretted not buying it when I was working, I used to fly to Paris sometimes, and it was really, a lot cheaper there. I really regret that I didn't buy one. Now that I have a chance to go to a tax free place, and get a cheaper LV bag, I am really tempted. I've been browsing through their website for like 20 times, or more.

My friend has this very nice Eva Clutch, you can use is as sling or a clutch, that's the type of bag that I frequently use anyway, and the price is not too bad. I just need to not buy anymore coach bags! I really really wanted this bag but I think hubby will not be happy if he found out, because he doesn't like those kinda people who spends so much on things like that.

Should I go get it? OR regret later on that I did not get it, once again? OR should I keep it a secret from hubby and get it? OR should I tell him or get it? OMG I am thinking too much about bags once again. We might not have time to go shopping anyway, or not around that area where the shop is.. stop thinking about it!

Ohh.. by the way I returned the bag and got myself a very nice down leather jacket instead, to match with my new black bag.. I think it was a better choice, a leather jacket than a bag... Stop thinking.. stop thinking.. go to sleep

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainy day

It has been raining, and will be raining for the next couple days. I guess spring is here, well almost. I like the warmer weather, but I hate the wet ground. What is left from the melting snow is the remaining of junks and pet's poo. While it was all white in the cold winter, now it's all ugly brown. Yikes..

We haven't been to the school lately either. I attempted to go yesterday but I couldn't find a parking. Anyway I don't feel like going to a place with lots of sick kids. I don't understand why and how some people can be so selfish to send the sick kids to school because they are busy and can't take care of their own kids.. and then get the other kids sick. How irresponsible.

Wow, another 2 more friends getting married! I was just told. This must be a good year for weddings. To all my friends who are getting married or pregnant, congratulations. I am truly happy for you... and I might come to your wedding, if I am not pregnant again. We'll work something out!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It has been 5 days since I agreed to cancel the transaction, and I've never get a reply from her ever since. I am wondering if she sent it back to me, or just disappeared? Strange people. Should have at least left me a note so I know what was going on. No more ebays, a woman was sued for selling C bags on ebay. Hubby was telling me not to sell it, but then I am not a real seller, it was just for fun ( but its not fun) and the woman who got sues probably sold a hundred, she used to work at the C store.

Today I heard another friend's getting married, C. A is pregnant, B is getting married, and so is C. I am so happy for all of them. I wonder who will be D.

Noah was not behaving today. We went to the mall to get a mouse for my laptop, but he wouldn't sit in his stroller. I had to carry him and push the stroller! We left soon after because I can't tolerate that behaviour. I guess he is growing up, stubbornly. I better get some nap before he wakes up..ZzZzz tired.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy, and happy news

Just 3 days ago, one of my best friend told me she is pregnant. I was happy. And then I was very happy. The more I thought of it I got even happier. She was like a piece of white paper, very pure, very naive. More naive than I was. And then there she is, pregnant. I've always thought she'll be a vigrin forever, I guess not anymore.

The next day, my other best friend told me she is getting married! I was again, very happy. I wonder if there are more good news coming. Anyway I am truly happy for her, finally getting married after so many year. I stopped asking her when is she getting married, because I've asked too many times, and then one day she just told me, I'm getting married!

Those were the 2 happy news. I am very happy for my friends, getting married, and having babies. I hope the best for them, and many happy years ahead. I am very very tempted to fly back end of the year, but we'll have to see how things goes when the time is nearer, can hardly plan anything with a toddler hanging around by your side all the time.

Signing off for the day,
I am still very happy for them ;) HAPPY

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Me and My Bags, again

I'm getting crazy, not that I needed more bags, but I got them at a very very good deal. Can you believe these are damaged items too? The straps were missing, so it's damaged... woo hoo, new bags for me ;) Don't really caer for the straps, I can use them without the longer straps anyway.
Noah likes to play with mommy's bag, this is part of my bags.. hehe. My friend told me I have to have special shelves for them, well I do..

The 2 tiny dots of damaged marking.. I don't think anybody can tell if I do not point it out.
Well, at least sometimes, some things makes me happier. Had an awful time dealing with the buyer last week, and i stepped on my glasses, and now it's hard to find a new replacement because my nose is so flat that most glasses slide down easily. The buyer is still ignoring me, after I agreed to cancel. See this is what real life, when they needed somethign they come begging, and then ignore you when they got what they want. Once again, I'm being too naive. Should have listend to my friends advise. Well, a good experience learned. And expensive one

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Damaged bag

These were the items I bought yesterday. Here you go Mel, as requested ;) to be posted for viewing. Can anyone tell where is the 'damaged' area? I'm loving it, and the price. It's a steal.

The wristlet will be for grandma's birthday present, it was a good deal too. I hope she will like it... I'm sure she will

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a long long day

First of all, thank you for your opinions, on the previous topic. My friends really made me feel better, and sleep better. I am the type that worry too much and wouldn't be able to sleep unless problem is solved.

This morning she msg me again, asking me to let her return. I finally gave in. I knew I shouldn't because that was the term, but I m soft hearted person, and I believe in good karma. I don't lose much if I let her return, and she will be happier. I might be in the risk of the item do not arrive in good condition, or do not arrive at all, but well, it will be charity and an expensively paid lesson if that happens.

I do believe in good vibes and karma. I believe that if I do good, nothing bad will happen to me, and otherwise. I do not want anything bad happen to me and my family just because of I make somebody not happy, and I like to see everybody happy, foolish but I am. I hope she is not a bad person, but as I said, if she is bad she will get it back at the end, what comes around goes around right...

Anyway I had a very busy day today. Hubby took the day off. I started the day with my lil baby jumping into the bed giving me a big smile. I went to get groceries and post some wristlets to my bro and mom, and aunty. Then we went to get me this new laptop that I m trying to get use to it now. Hubby was complaining that I spent too much time on the computer, now we can be in the same room, or use the computer without fighting.

Then I went to the C store, bought a new damaged bag for a fraction of the price. I love the girl 'Miss F'. She found me this new C bag with 2 tiny dots, black leather, retail at 398$, I paid $95+ for it! What a steal! I'm loving it, and loving her. I don't mind those scratches because all my bags got them eventually. And I was so sad afterwards, when I returned from the gym, as I was rushing home, I dropped my sunglasses on the ground and stepped on it. The good news is, it's not broken. The bad news, it has big scratches. Well, on the bright side, the sunglasses lasted for almost a year. Normally none of my glasses last over a year. I guess I'm lucky afterall!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be Good or Be Bad?

I've been selling on Ebay again. I know, I know I shouldn't. I really shouldn't. They always bring me troubles. Ebay emailed me about their free listing, and I posted some items, just for fun, again. I never thought it will be sold so quickly... and there were people trying to buy them.

I was very happy that it got sold, although I really liked the bag, but I was happier to make $100 out of it. So I shipped it the same day, and after 5 day, the buyer messaged me, telling me she wants to return it, because she didn't like it.

It was written there, returns not accepted, and yet she wants to return. Just because she didn't like it so she wants to return? She should have read carefully before buying anything. I feel really bad for her because she didn't like it, but then it's not my fault right?

Other people told me that I should just ignore her, business is business, and not to get emotional with your business, but I feel really bad. Not really that bad, just bad. I believe in karma, what if something bad happens to me because I won't let her return? I don't really lose much if I let her return, other than more troubles to fill up the forms and all the money pending.. and might have risk, if the items never come back?

Tell me what should I do? To let her return or just ignore her? Really won't lose that much, other than my time and trouble...But it wasn't my fault that she didn't like it and she should have read carefully that it is not returnable... sigh..
What should I do? Be the good person or bad person?