Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19,2011

It was another long day. This morning we both woke up at 6.25am, I usually get up at 7.30am but I think I had a good sleep last night, I didn't feel too tired. I took him to school as usual, it is usually not as busy until after 10 am.

Noah loves to paint. He paint and does crafts everyday. His other favourite spot is the sand box, and the little tub with water and toys inside. Sometimes he gets all dirty and wet. He loves bath, so I guess he thought it was like the bath, he kept saying bath. It was so cute when he pulled a chair for me to sit on beside the water tub. I usually put him on my lap because he is not tall enough to reach the water, but today I just stood at the side, and he realized that he can't reach the water, so he pulled a chair and pushed it over to me, and pointed to me to sit on it so he can climb on my lap and play.

I don't like it when the caregivers or the parents neglect their children because they are too busy enjoying themselves, chatting away. It happens all the time. It's more like a little breakaway for them to let the cildren go and do whatever they want and they just chat around. I really hate when the caregiver pretend to be very giving, and attentive when the parents are around to watch, but when the parents are not there they do not pay as much attention. It's all an act.

People are just so fake. It's a lot lesser than where I came from but there's still quite a number of them. Sometimes I feel disgusted by the insincerity. I wonder how the teacher can do it. I know sometimes she doesn't like certain people but she has to put on a smile all the time. I guess I can never be a teacher.

We went shopping after his nap. I bought myself a nice trenchcoat, for spring, like a nice raincoat. I needed one because it has been raining too much, it was 149.99, and it was on sale for half! It's hard to find my size, they only have one size 0 left so I had to grab it. I am happy because I have been looking for one for long.. and I got a nice tights for only $6! All from Esprit. I think I shop too much lately. I bought a new pair of shoes for hiking from Salomon, never really heard of the brand before but it's really cool because I don't need to tie the laces, and it's waterproof. Can't wait to use all my new stuff for my trip!

It has been a long long day, I ended it with more baking and cleaning. I have to start baking for Easter. I made peanut butter cookies today, and gonna make pineapple jam for my pineapple rolls tomorrow. Noah loves the cookies. He has been a good boy today for not bugging me too much. I hope tomorrow will be a nicer day, it's stuppose to be rainy this few days, Noah has been wanting to go out a lot lately. He never wants to stay home.

Time for bed. Tata.

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